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Valentine's day happens once a year only but it's the most important day for us women. We love romance, gifts and flowers.

I thought that I would share a few femininity tips with you. Many women get taken for granted and get played like a violin because they aren't aware of the games some men play.

Some women fall easily for the sweet things men do for them. They think that a man asking them out for V-day means that things are progressing. Look, for men there is no stage before commitment. You are either his girlfriend or he's single.

A man can ask you out for Valentine's day but still considers himself single. Why? He likes your company, he doesn't want to be alone that day but he isn't in love (yet). 

As a rule of thumb, consider that with no commitment, he is just having a girlfriend experience.

Here is what to do for Valentine's day if you don't want to be taken for granted:

This post is for you if you want him to commit to you:You had a few dates with him but he hasn't asked you to become his girlfriend.

Some men will ask you out on Valentine's Day. Do not accept those dates. It needs to be clear in their mind that with no commitment, you consider yourself single. Thank them for the invite and text them something like this:

"Thank you Jason for asking me out. Unfortunately, I already have plans that day. If there is a wonderful spot you want me to discover, we can meet this Thursday. I love it when you lead and organize things. You always choose the best spots."

When you send texts like this, it becomes clear in his mind that he needs to impress you to see. Also, you make yourself look more attractive because you are busy and value your time.

Some women will tell you "who cares? Go out with him. It's better than being sad at home". Do not listen to those people. I am sharing with you what will help you protect your heart and truly get the commitment you desire.

Call your bestie and plan something nice outside of your house. You will always feel wonderful after spending an afternoon with your feminine friends. Simon Sinek talked about it in his book Leaders eat last. He explained that our happiness depends on the quality of our relationships.

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