3 steps to get rid of anxious attachment so that you can get more than a situationship with high status men who turn you on

Learn my simple framework to stop having nothing more than casual hookups and heartbreaks when dealing with high status men.

When: Saturday, 1st June

Time: 10:30 AM Los Angeles Time/1:30 PM New York Time

What: Live training (make sure to add it to your calendar because there won't be a replay)

Mastering the art of femininity means harnessing the most powerful tool when dating. But that's not all.

Working on your femininity can help you:

Make sure your future kids don't inherit generational traumas. Only generational wealth

Date high-status men who are in alignment with your values

Stop falling for men who want casual hookups but won't commit

Working on your femininity will help you end constant heartbreaks because the men you like won't commit.

Working on your femininity is crucial if you have noticed that each time you fall for a high status man, he doesn't want to commit to you.

Not being in another unfulfilling situationship is within your control. It doesn't mean dating down and downgrading your current lifestyle.

Far from it. It's doing the right thing and showing up securely attached (even when he's high profile).

Many coaches can teach you how to get matches on dating apps and a 50/50 relationship with a bus driver. However, only a few coaches will help you get deep commitment with a top executive who provides for you and commits (without pressure).

So, while you might worry about being seen as a gold digger by men who didn’t even level up, plenty of healthy masculine men are ready to commit and provide. They are just looking for a feminine woman.

Working on your feminine energy and developing a secure attachment style put your power in your own hands. It gives you the confidence to show up as a femme fatale who captivates masculine men's hearts.

There is a proven recipe to stop being taken for granted. This is what we will cover in this free webinar.

In this 75-minute workshop, we will unpack the three-step process to stop being disappointed whenever you are in courtship with a high value.

Step 1

We will navigate through the #1 thing standing in your way for success. We will clear up misconceptions and get rid of your doubts.

Step 2

I'll go over 3 proven principles I used with the clients I coach privately. You will know how you can replicate it for yourself.

Step 3

I'll explain how to stop being seen as the placeholder when dating men you like. You will have all the tools you need to get love this year.

This training is for you if:

  • You keep on having heartbreaks and disappointments when you date men you really like

  • You don't get the princess treatment you know you deserve

  • You have dated down before and don't want to downgrade your lifestyle ever again

  • You were the placeholder before and saw him give princess treatment to his next girlfriend

The simple truth is this:

Working on your transformation is the only way to start having better dating experiences. There aren't many feminine women. Most women are leading with their masculine energy. There is no competition when you learn how to stand out.

Suppose you want to end that constant feeling of anxiety when dating. In that case, if you want to stop being afraid of seeing him disappear after sex, this webinar is your golden ticket.

Femininity has the power to transform your love life.

When I was forced to look at why my past relationships failed, why I was never the dream girl with the men I liked, I was forced to admit I behaved like a pick-me. I put myself down and put the guy I liked on a pedestal. I didn't feel like I had the upper hand.

You may feel the same way when dating.

When you look at your love life, are you experiencing princess treatment daily? Are the men you really like consistent? Do they end up falling in love and committing on their own?

If not, it might be time to make a change.

The chance to create a love life where you don't experience anxiety daily is waiting for you: You deserve happiness in your love life

  • You deserve to stop worrying about the next time you will hear from him

  • You deserve to feel like a queen when dating men you really like

  • You deserve to date men who are at your level

That's why I'm teaching you this training. I created it for women with traditional values wondering how to end their dating struggles by working on their feminine energy.

Let's figure out the secret sauce of the most feminine women.

(You might be surprised)



 Any claims made in this webinar depend on the effort you are willing to put in and are only estimates of what you can get. High Value Queens isn’t a substitute for therapy. If you struggle with your mental health, please talk to your general practitioner for proper guidance.