This book is for those of you who are in a committed relationship and are sick of being taken for granted. 

Being taken for granted is one of the biggest problems women have when they are in a committed relationship. In courtship, the man chases them and makes them feel important. 

However, as feelings grow, many women become masculine and start chasing their man because they become afraid to see him disappear. Sometimes it’s not even that. They do things thinking they are being loving girlfriends because they have seen other women do that. 

I’m sure you know many women who are beautiful inside and out but still get taken for granted by their partner. We don’t understand why, because for us women, that would be enough to be happy with a man. However, men need more to invest in a woman. Not many women know how to completely magnetise their partner. Femininity is a skill and like any skill it can be developed

I put together this course with the most effective dating strategies to keep your man chasing you forever. I also want you to keep on vetting him and making sure you’re with a king. 

I tell you exactly what to do based on what truly works with men. If you are here, you know that I have a no BS approach and that my advice works. If you loved How to Bag a High Caliber Man in 12 Weeks, you will love this one even more. Making your boyfriend/husband chase you forever is easier than you think. Actually, you will work way less than when you thought it was your job to keep the relationship alive.

Each week, I tell you exactly what to do. After a while it will become natural to you to make him work to keep you. This course will help you heal your wounded femininity. Men are hunters by nature and they hunt feminine women. This course will teach you how to be the most feminine woman he has ever met. 

Product description:

Format: PDF
Pages: 30 pages
Duration of the course: 12 weeks
Dimensions: 13x20cm

Includes a relationship journal with weekly strategies.