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Funny Face Mask For Dog Moms

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This funny face mask is the coolest face mask ever.

This face mask for dog lovers is only available here. It is a unique design. You will not find it in major stores. Not even on Amazon.

Since the pandemic, life has been a bit challenging for a lot of us.  Wearing hilarious accessories is a great way to add joy to your life. This dog lover face mask will make you laugh every time you wear it. Your friends will also love it.

I dream of a world where women would have fulfilling relationships with themselves first.

Society wants women to feel insecure if they don’t have a man in their lives. Society wants women to settle for less. Society wants women to settle for a dysfunctional relationship.

With this funny face mask, you let the world know that you don’t settle for anything less than greatness. With this funny face mask, you let the world know that you have standards.

Imagine walking in the park with your dog with this funny face mask on. Other high value women will smile at you and ask you where you got this cool dog lover face mask.

With this cool face mask, you will always feel confident, empowered and joyful. It is truly the kind of dog lover accessory that makes you walk with pride and confidence. This funny face mask is the best mask to wear when you take your baby for a walk outside. Everything is perfect. It is just you and your dog. Nothing else matters.

This funny design has been printed in the USA. This helps create jobs in the USA. It allows you to receive your products faster as well.

Your payments are 100% secured with Paypal, Visa and Mastercard. All your personal data is protected and will never be shared with a third party. Due to the pandemic, you might need to wait 7 business days to receive your products.

Don’t worry, you will be sent a tracking number after ordering. You will always know where your parcel is at.

 Please note that any customs charges are to be paid by the customer on receipt.


.: 100% Polyester
.: Adjustable nylon spandex ear loops
.: Silicone adjustment beads
.: Two layers of cloth
.: One size