Unfolding Your Feminine Journey: Discovering and Embracing Your True Archetype


Many women wrongfully think there is only one way to be feminine but let me be the first to tell you that isn’t the case. Thinking like this actually harms your feminine energy. Determining and understanding the different feminine archetypes and knowing where you fit it will give you a chance to stand out in the dating scene.

Your feminine archetype can work against you if you are oblivious to it and rarely anyone in the femininity community talks about feminine archetypes and IT.IS.A.SHAME.

There needs to be a wider discussion in the femininity community about feminine archetypes and we are going to set the stage for this long ignored topic with today’s blog. In this blog, I’ll take you through a deep dive into what the four archetypes I have identified are, the common mistakes made by each archetype, and how you can reach a higher level of femininity by embracing your archetype.

So, if you want to be more self-aware and learn about how you can identify your feminine archetype, keep on reading, you’ll thank me later.

What is a feminine archetype?

If you open a dictionary, it will tell you that an archetype is a very typical example of a certain person or thing. So, a feminine archetype is a collection of qualities and traits that define your femininity. 

In this context, we will dive in into the behaviors and traits that are very specific to different women in the feminine community. The idea here is that there is not a singular or universal archetype for being feminine.

There are several archetypes. And identifying your archetype will help you to have a sense of belonging. Knowing your feminine archetype will help you realize that you are not alone and why you might have had trouble fitting in with your peers previously. And ultimately, once you recognize your feminine archetype, you will realize that you don’t need to fit in at all because you will have your own definition of femininity. Let’s dive into the 4 major feminine archetypes that I have identified.

The Mother Archetype

The Mother Archetype represents one of the primary feminine archetypes, rooted in traditional values and family-oriented lifestyle choices. If you identify as the Mother Archetype, your world revolves around nurturing, family, and home. You are driven by love for children, home-making, and a desire for a harmonious and happy family life. This archetype is the embodiment of the nurturing and creative aspects of femininity, but it's important to note that it does not define your intellectual capacity or your feminism. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t a feminist. You call yourself a traditional feminist.

Defining Characteristics

The Mother Archetype embodies traditional femininity, characterized by nurturing, family, and home-centered values. If you resonate with this archetype, you're likely drawn to a life dedicated to family and domesticity, valuing harmony and warmth above all else. Here are some defining ideals of the mother archetype:

  • Love for children and family: You harbor a deep affection and desire for children and dream of having a big, happy family. The sound of laughter echoing through a house full of kids is your idea of bliss.
  • Religious and traditional values: You strongly adhere to your faith and it shapes your world-view. You dream of attending church with your husband and children. Traditional values guide your perception of marriage and family.
  • Dreaming of an ideal partner: You see yourself married to a president or a prince. Your ideal partner is a provider, someone who is financially capable and doesn't expect you to work.
  • Homemaking and nurturing: You're a natural homemaker. Activities like cooking, home decoration, and family nurturing are your passion. Spending long hours in the kitchen and preparing savory meals for your family brings you immense joy.
  • Hands-on approach to housework: Despite having the financial ability to afford maids, you prefer to do the work yourself. The satisfaction derived from creating a warm, inviting home environment is a source of joy for you.
  • Elegant and traditional style: Your style of dressing is traditional yet elegant. You continually educate yourself on modern etiquette and believe in the importance of maintaining a polished image.
  • Generosity and Charity work: You possess a generous heart and love to share. You envision yourself doing charity work and making donations alongside your husband, spreading love and kindness beyond your home.
  • Preference for a non-career lifestyle: Unlike many, your dreams don't include a career. Instead, you prefer to be a homemaker, dedicating your time to nurturing your family and creating a loving home.
  • Traditional view of commitment: You hold traditional values when it comes to commitment and relationships. You firmly believe in marriage and would never consider having children outside of wedlock.

  • Your ideal Match

    As you can see here, the main traits of femininity of this archetype are nurturing and creativity.

    If this is you, know that many masculine men dream of marrying a woman like you. The idea of coming home to a clean, warm house, a well-cooked meal, and the sound of their children's laughter is a vision that captivates many.

    Your dedication to family, nurturing nature, and commitment to making a house a home aligns perfectly with the desires of many men. They appreciate your elegance and effort to look good, cherishing the comfort and harmony that you bring to their lives.

    They value the progress they see in their children under your guidance, seeing their children growing smarter each day is a testament to your dedication and love. In essence, your ideal match is a man who treasures your traditional values, supports your role as a homemaker, and values your commitment to creating a family-centered life.

    Avoid making those mistakes if your feminine archetype is the mother

    If this is your feminine archetype, be aware that being nurturing can play against you. Being the Mother Archetype is a gratifying role, but it comes with potential challenges that need to be recognized and managed:

    • Over-nurturing your partner: As a Mother Archetype, your nurturing instincts may overflow onto your husband. But remember, he is not your child. Don't fall into the habit of constantly checking if he's eaten or placing toothpaste on his toothbrush every morning. Such actions might lead to him feeling smothered or even resentful. Strive to balance your nurturing instincts with his need for independence and self-sufficiency.
    • Self-Neglect in Homemaking: While your passion lies in homemaking, it's essential not to lose yourself in this role. Be mindful of your needs and desires. If you find yourself rushing home to cook for him even when you're busy running errands, take a pause. Prioritize self-care, personal interests, and growth.
    • Controlling your children's growth: A common pitfall is the tendency to control your children's development. It's perfectly fine to let your kids grow at their own pace. Trying to control their growth trajectory could be stifling for them and counterproductive to their development.
    • Overlooking Financial Security: The importance of financial security cannot be overstated. Even if you plan to rely on your husband's income, ensure that you have a passive income strategy. Options such as investing in stocks, setting up an online store, or investing in real estate should be explored. I suggest starting with stocks. I love the book I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. He guides you to buy your first stock. Financial independence is crucial regardless of your lifestyle choice.
    • Premature Career Exit: Before you make the leap to quit your job, be certain you have enough financial cushion. Ensure you have at least six months of expenses covered in your bank account, including rent, childcare, food, and even potential lawyer fees. It's also prudent to discuss financial plans with your future husband, such as setting up an allowance, trust fund, and signing a prenuptial agreement.

    Your Celebrity Spirit Animal

    Kate Middleton would be the perfect example for this. 

    Remember … The Mother Archetype embodies the warm, nurturing, and creative aspects of femininity. Your choice to focus on home and family is noble and cherished by many. However, remember to find balance. Nurture your husband and children, but also nurture yourself. Ensure your financial security and make time for self-care. It's essential to remember that being a Mother Archetype doesn't define your intellect or your feminism; you are a traditional feminist, standing up for your right to choose the life that fulfills you the most. Embrace your archetype fully, with its strengths and weaknesses, and celebrate your unique journey to femininity.

    The Boss Lady Archetype

    Empowered, ambitious, and successful — these words define the Boss Lady archetype. If you resonate with this archetype, you're the kind of woman who dreams big, loves the thrill of achievement, and juggles her professional and personal lives with grace and precision. While your career might be a significant part of your identity, it doesn’t overshadow your aspirations of being a dedicated mom and partner. Balancing your inherent leadership qualities with a touch of femininity is the key to embracing this archetype fully.

    Defining Characteristics
    The Boss Lady embodies a blend of professional ambition and personal dedication. Here are some traits that define this archetype:

    • Ambitious and Passionate: Your dreams are grand. Seven-figure businesses, a dynamic team, and leadership roles excite you.
    • Sharp Dress Sense: Think Miss Independent from Neo’s song. You adore tailored suits and power outfits that exude confidence.
    • Financially Savvy: You love discussing finances, are proud of your achievements, and don't exude financial desperation.
    • Family-Oriented: Your job title doesn't overshadow your role as a mom. You're prepared, researching conscious parenthood and planning your child's diet meticulously.
    • Organized and Structured: From spreadsheets for baby diets to project timelines at work, you thrive in order and structure.
    • Independent Yet Loving: You want a partner who shares your entrepreneurial spirit. Together, building empires or even starting businesses could be on the cards.

    Your Ideal Match 

    Embracing your boss lady traits doesn't mean sidelining your aspirations for a strong, supportive partner. Your ideal match is someone who:

    • Respects Your Ambitions: He understands your drive and supports your dreams without feeling intimidated.
    • Shares Business Acumen: Entrepreneurial talks over dinner? Yes, please. A partner with business acumen will connect deeply with you.
    • Balances Your Energy: While you exude a mix of masculine and feminine energy at work, in personal life, a partner who helps balance that out would be ideal.

     Avoid making those mistakes if your feminine archetype is the boss lady

    Being the Boss Lady has its challenges, especially in personal relationships:

    • Career Over Personality: Beware of the tendency to lead with your job title in relationships. Your career is a part of you, but it doesn't define your worth or femininity.
    • Over-relying on Masculine Energy: While your leadership and control are crucial at work, remember to balance that with your feminine energy in personal relationships.
    • Understanding Your Partner's Needs: Just as you don't want to be seen only for your job title, remember your partner is more than his professional accomplishments too. Value him for who he is as a person.

    Your Celebrity Spirit Animal 

    Beyonce (Beyonce Knowles Net Worth (Updated 2023) | Celebrity Net Worth)

    Remember …The Boss Lady archetype is a blend of determination, success, and heart. While your career might play a significant role in your life, it's essential to remember that there's more to you than just your job title. Embracing both your professional aspirations and personal desires will lead to a fulfilling, balanced life. Whether at the boardroom table or the family dinner table, remember to stay true to yourself, valuing both your strengths and vulnerabilities. Embrace the journey of the Boss Lady with pride and passion.

    The Adventurous Queen Archetype

    Ever met a woman with an insatiable urge to explore, an air of independence, and a penchant for choosing experiences over material things? Enter the Adventurous Queen archetype. If you resonate with this archetype, your spirit thrives on the thrill of new experiences, from roaming the world in a van to plunging into spontaneous adventures. You're the kind of woman who finds joy in the journey, prioritizing life experiences over societal norms.

    Defining Characteristics

    The Adventurous Queen is a heady mix of free spirit, strength, and vitality. Here's a breakdown of this archetype's key traits:

    • Explorer at Heart: Whether it's van life or trekking across continents, you're driven by wanderlust. The thrill of new places and experiences fuels you.
    • Materially Unattached: Luxury brands and the latest gadgets don't fascinate you. Your wealth is measured in experiences and memories, not in possessions.
    • Self-reliant: If plans change or friends bail, you're perfectly comfortable venturing out alone. Adaptability is your superpower.
    • Casual Romantic: You're easy-going in relationships. From casual encounters to deep connections, you follow your heart and stay true to the moment.
    • Natural and Authentic: Makeup isn’t your daily go-to. Your authenticity shines through your minimalistic and natural appearance.
    • Social Butterfly: You're never short of company, thanks to your active lifestyle and approachable demeanor. Many are drawn to your vibrant energy and adventurous spirit.

    Your Ideal Match

    With a heart that's always on the move, finding the perfect match can be tricky. But for you:

    • Adventurous Spirits Connect: Someone who shares your love for exploration and adventure will resonate deeply with you.
    • Respect for Independence: A partner who respects your independence and understands your need for solo journeys will be a perfect fit.
    • Physical Activity Enthusiasts: Given your active lifestyle, a partner who's equally enthusiastic about physical activities and sports is ideal.

    Mistakes to avoid if your feminine archetype is the adventurous queen

    The Adventurous Queen's free spirit does come with its challenges:

    • Directionless Flow: While going with the flow is liberating, it’s essential to have some direction in life. Define what you want from your relationships and experiences.
    • Balancing Femininity: Being active and having numerous male friends is great. However, nurture your feminine side to ensure a harmonious personal and romantic life.
    • Style Evolution: While athleisure suits your active life, occasionally stepping out of that comfort zone and embracing a glamorous look can offer a refreshing change.
    • Financial Stability: Your nomadic lifestyle should not come at the cost of financial stability. Ensure you have a safety net and avoid extreme financial ups and downs.

    Your Celebrity Spirit Animal 

    Rihanna 19 Beautiful Rihanna Tattoos And Their Meanings (stylecraze.com)

    Remember… The Adventurous Queen archetype is a celebration of life beyond boundaries and norms. While your spirit is untamed and free, it's crucial to occasionally ground yourself, ensuring that your adventures don't lead to unnecessary pitfalls. Embrace your wanderlust, cherish your experiences, but also take a moment to define what you truly desire from life and love. Live fearlessly, but live with purpose. Your journey as the Adventurous Queen is bound to be a story worth telling.

    The Femme Fatale Archetype

    The Femme Fatale is a symphony of varied feminine archetypes. If you find this resonating with you, it signifies your journey through the beautiful mosaic of femininity that is seldom achieved. It's not just about your striking appearance, but also about the depths of your spirit and soul. Such women are both enigmatic and approachable, mysterious yet compassionate, playful but purposeful. They epitomize the epitome of femininity, but remember, this isn't about external beauty; it's a journey of inner discovery, alignment, and intention.

    Defining Characteristics
    If you resonate with the Femme Fatale archetype, you may notice the following traits within yourself:

    • Aesthetic Appreciation: Passion for art, sometimes painting, at times indulging in sculpting. Your world is colored with vibrant expressions of your soul.
    • Unique Fashion Sense: While you may adore thrifting, your aim is not to be just different, but to authentically express yourself.
    • Spiritual Alignment: An uncanny ability to go with the flow, believing in the universe's path for you.
    • Magnetic Attraction: You don't just attract; you mesmerize. It's more than just a fleeting attraction; it's a profound connection.
    • Emotional Intelligence: Years of inner work have made you securely attached, understanding of boundaries, and deeply self-aware.
    • Playful and Present: You can be in the moment, enjoying the simplest joys, and then refocus on your purpose with ease.
    • Intentional Living: Every action, every choice is rooted in meaning and purpose.

    Your Ideal Match

    If this archetype speaks to you, your aura and energy are irresistible to many. Men are not just captivated by your beauty but by the depth of your spirit. They appreciate your independence, your commitment to your passions, and the joy you radiate. They value the way you carry yourself, your unique sense of style, and the love you have for the world around you. Ideally, your match would be someone who respects your boundaries, understands your spirit, and wants to journey with you in this dance of life.

    Avoid making those mistakes if your feminine archetype is the femme fatale

    While the Femme Fatale archetype has numerous strengths, it's essential to be aware of potential pitfalls and ways to navigate them:

    • Beware of Surface Adoration: While many might be enchanted by your aura, ensure they appreciate you for your depth, not just the surface.
    • Guard Your Energy: Your magnetic nature might attract energy vampires. Learn to discern genuine connections from fleeting attractions.
    • Stay True to Yourself: The world might want to box you, define you. Always remember your essence and stay aligned with your true self.
    • Avoid Overcommitment: Your playful and compassionate nature might lead you to overcommit. Learn to say no and prioritize your well-being.
    • Understand Your Worth: Don't settle. Whether in relationships, friendships, or work, always understand your value.

    Your Celebrity Spirit Animal

    *Monica Bellucci Monica Bellucci came close to being a Bond girl twice before Spectre (yahoo.com)

    Remember … The Femme Fatale archetype is a dance of various shades of femininity. It's a celebration of self-awareness, beauty, intention, and spiritual alignment. If this speaks to you, embrace it. Let your unique light shine, let your spirit soar, and remember always to stay true to yourself. Your journey is not just about captivating others but about deeply understanding and celebrating your essence.

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    Discovering and Embracing Your True Archetype


    Whether your feminine archetype is the femme fatale, the boss lady, the adventurous queen and the mother, you have strengths that make you attractive and weaknesses that cause you to be taken for granted when dating.

    Knowing your feminine archetype is important because it allows you to learn how to magnetize masculine men (not just attract them).

    As I said at the beginning there are different ways to be feminine. You don’t have to dress like Ana Bey or Sophia Richie. You can have tattooes all over your body and home school your kids in a van if this is what your soul craves.

    Remember that part of femininity is tuning in and listening to your intuition.

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