About me: Get to know your feminine energy coach



I'm Eunice, I'm a feminine energy coach. I was born in Congo and moved to Paris, France at 7 years old with my amazing mom.

Like many women, I used to be insecure in my relationships. I was masculine and knew nothing about the male psychology. I used to believe that I had to settle for less. I used to ask men out, offer to pay for myself and even date down...

Then I leveled up and worked on my femininity. Today I have a strong feminine essence as well as a high self esteem.

Before becoming a feminine energy coach, I used to work with men. I saw them fall in love but also lose interest. 

Every day I teach femininity to thousand of women on Instagram and Tiktok (@highvaluequeens). The results they get are incredible.

Today I want you to know that you can have it all: confidence, a fulfilling relationship with a successful man who worships the floor you walk.

I want you to be empowered and have relationships that are beneficial to you. 

My programs teach you how to master femininity, keep the chase going on, and build an affair-proof relationship.

Female empowerment is so important to me that I donate 5% of the sales to 10000 codeurs. It's a charity that helps African women be financially independent by teaching them how to code. We absolutely need to be independent. It is the only way we can leave toxic relationships and protect themselves.