• Texts that make him chase you

    I thought that I would share a few femininity tips with you. Many women get taken for granted and get played like a violin because they aren't aware of the games some men play.
  • What is the best smelling women's fragrance ?

    Have you ever wondered what fragrance would make him addicted to you?

    Keep on reading if you want to find out what is the best smelling women's fragrance.

    I always want to share everything I know about femininity and effective dating strategies. Femininity is how you think and act, how you dress but also how you smell. If you have a strong feminine essence, I am sure you can't go out without wearing a feminine fragrance.

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    This week, I asked Emma Dupont, a certified modern etiquette coach to tell us how we can improve our etiquette. Read on if you want to know the com...