What is the best smelling women's fragrance ?

The Best Smelling Women's Fragrance: Turn Heads and Magnetize Men


Ever wondered which fragrances smell the best on women? Ever been curious about the most iconic women’s perfumes that have stood the test of time? If you're on a quest to find that perfect scent that makes him irresistibly drawn to you, you're in the right place.

Femininity isn't just encapsulated in actions or attire—it's an aura, one that's undeniably enhanced by the right fragrance. In an age where visual aesthetics dominate, the evocative power of a scent can't be underestimated. 

I always want to share everything I know about femininity and effective dating strategies. Femininity is about how you think and act, how you dress, and also how you smell. If you have a strong feminine essence, I’m sure you can't go out without wearing a feminine fragrance.

You Never Forget Fragrances

Did you know that smell was our most powerful sense? As we age, we forget what we see and what we ear but we never forget what we smell. I know the person who created most of the luxurious perfumes we all wear today. Do you know what he told me?! He said that when a client hired him, they would tell him things like " I want this perfume to smell like the cotton candy I used to eat in Southern France when I was a child". So you see, smells are all about memories.

Smells trigger memories. This is why you need to use feminine perfumes as part of your dating strategy. I teach you how to use feminine perfumes as part of your dating strategy in my best selling bundle "How To Bag A High Caliber Man In 12 Weeks". You can make him think about you non-stop with a powerful, feminine fragrance.

Tried And True Femme Fatale Perfumes

I have over 55k women following me on Instagram so you can trust the answers on this post. I decided to ask the feminine women who follow me on Instagram what was the most feminine perfume they owned. I got so many answers.

I selected the ones that were mentioned the most. I’ve listed the eight most popular perfumes below, but you should try them all to find the one(s) that smell best on you. I recommend buying one and changing the smell often to make him feel like he has a new woman with him all the time. The male brain is addicted to novelty. You just need to bring novelty often to keep them chasing you.

I created a recommendation list on Amazon. All the most feminine perfumes are there. By clicking here, you will have access to my Amazon storefront. By buying through my links, I get a small commission and the price doesn't change for you.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana, Dolce: Perfect for daytime, this scent is reminiscent of a spring morning in Sicily, filled with white amaryllis and neroli leaves.
  2. Armani, Si: A harmonious blend of blackcurrant nectar, airy florals, and musky blond wood, it's a chypre scent that's both chic and intense.
  3. Burberry, My Burberry: An embodiment of British grandeur, its sparkling floral tones make it perfect for the office or a day out.
  4. Viktor & Rolf, Flower Bomb: As the name suggests, it's a burst of floral notes, perfect for romantic evenings and special moments.
  5. Chanel, Gabrielle: Radiating with the brilliance of white florals, it's a scent that's both timeless and versatile.
  6. Mugler, Angel: With a heady mix of sweet red fruits, vanilla, and caramel, it's for those evenings when you want to leave an indelible mark.
  7. Lancôme, La Vie est Belle: A spirited scent that blends iris, jasmine, and orange blossom, it's a celebration of life in a bottle.
  8. Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle: A fresh and vibrant melody of orange, jasmine, and rose – it's the epitome of elegance.

For those who seek more than just popularity, Guerlain's Shalimar is a classic, touted by many master perfumers as one of the best in terms of sheer quality.


Choosing the right fragrance isn't just about popularity. It's about how it melds with your unique chemistry. Experiment, explore, and let each scent tell its story on your skin. And while you're on this fragrance discovery journey, remember: eau de parfum, though pricier, lasts longer and offers a richer experience.

For more tips, tricks, and insights on the world of women's fragrances and how to make them last, don't forget to check out our dedicated YouTube reel.

Remember, the right fragrance doesn't just add to your aura, it defines it. Wear it with pride.


Eunice, High Value Queens

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