Learn How To Get A High-Quality Man Commit To You Without Pressure 

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12-Week Group Coaching Program To Become a Magnetic Woman With a Secure Attachment.

And Make Him Fall Madly in Love With You Effortlessly.

You’re going to transform from a woman who had to:
- Chase men
- Feel drained
- And feel unloved
to a magnetic woman who gets quality men to commit to and cherish her.

This program will help you build confidence in yourself and achieve a level of femininity you never had before.

During the 12-week program, you’ll get exclusive access to me through weekly Zoom classes and WhatsApp. You will get access to the latest recordings of the closed-door live group coaching program, and the ‘How to Get Him to Commit’ program- including proven frameworks, accountability, dating strategy, and pre-recorded modules to transform yourself from anxiously attached to securely attached.

Are You Sick Of Endless Tinder Dates That Lead To Nowhere?

The biggest nightmare that women go through when dating is situationships and being the placeholder.

The man you want would behave like a boyfriend and give you hope but yet he would be inconsistent and act single.

The issue is that you start to fall for him before he falls for you. This is why you feel a lot of mental stress while dating and your self-esteem is crushed.

And because of the fear of losing him, you start chasing him more. It’s a vicious circle.

You overthink. That situationship keeps you up at night. You have a pounding heart every time he adds a new woman on Instagram.

You see other women being cherished by kings without doing anything.

Then you start to wonder if you’d ever be able to attract a high-quality man who loves you, provides for you, and protects you.

Many women have dated men who didn't worship them and brought them trauma.

Not dating from a place of confidence comes at a cost. Therapy is on average $600/month. It also costs you your confidence, your self-love, and your sense of security which is priceless.

It is not your fault.

School doesn’t teach you secure attachment. If you don’t have healthy role models around you, you need to unlearn many things and go through a transformation.

What I share in my programs doesn’t come from my experience as a woman. I used to work with men, this is why I know them this well. I saw how the women they fell for were. What I can say already is that men don’t like masculine women who chase them. They like challenging women who they can chase.

So, if you also want to attract high-quality men, you need to become a feminine woman.

 You don’t want another coach to tell you to lower your standards or to initiate with the guys you like. This will trigger your anxiety when dating and keeps you in an unfulfilling relationship...

This course will turn you into a woman who doesn’t have to initiate with her real type.

It will open your eyes and make you understand what femininity truly is and how you can embody it. It will help you have high self-esteem (which is a very attractive trait to have in all areas of life).

#1 Secret That This Program Will Give You To Get Him To Commit Easily

Although most women are beautiful and have a good heart, they don't know how to keep the chase going and get the commitment they crave.

If you are new to femininity, this is certainly how you think a masculine man gives you commitment.

Here you do sweet things for him, but you still don’t get his commitment.


Because men have a different “software”. Those sweet things would have worked if you were dating a woman.

Does this mean that you need to be a b*tch? Not at all.

If you don’t have strong feminine energy, you are going to attract men who would never fall in love with you… Even after spending quality time together.

And I’m sure you’ve been in situationships before… where you felt like you guys were almost dating BUT he would not give you commitment. He would behave like a boyfriend but yet it would be clear to him that he was single…

(he’s inconsistent, still on dating apps, asks you about the other men you’re seeing without being jealous, he tells you that you aren’t together)

You see, he likes you a lot ( by heart ❤️) but there is something off (lack of femininity) that makes him think “I will never commit to her” (his logical brain 🧠).

To fall in love (by that I mean you are a drug to his brain and even when there are other attractive women he thinks “none of them is as great as my girl”), they need to perceive you not only as a quality option but also as you’re the only option.

That woman has a strong feminine energy and she makes them feel alive.

And this is exactly what I teach you to become in this group coaching program.

The woman you want to become is the woman his brain and heart think in tandem 

“that’s the only woman I want to commit to”

If you are still in courtship, you are certainly making a few mistakes preventing him from committing to you.

There are easy ways to:

- Make him fall in love,

- Build an affair-proof relationship,

- And make him invest.

And you don't even need to go from A to Z. You only need to go from A to B.

I won’t just tell you what to do. I will help you become” that girl”. Who you become is more important than what you do.

Men are very predictable and you can easily gain the upper hand and become a magnetic woman if you understand male psychology and what drives them.

Meet your coach, Eunice

Hi, I'm Eunice. Before creating High Value Queens, I used to work with men. This is why I know them this well.

During the years that I’ve worked with men, what I noticed is that they are all predictable and they fall in love easily when the woman has a strong feminine essence.

The thing is, no one is born with feminine energy and you don’t become feminine and magnetic just by trying tactics here and there.

It’s a journey that you need to commit to.

You would be surprised by the number of positive DMs I receive every day from women who just consume my free content.

Now, imagine the results you could get by me being with you every week and me making this journey easier for you.

I went through all the stages myself: pick me, masculine, but today I am truly feminine and magnetic.

I don’t put high-caliber men on a pedestal anymore. They are actually the ones putting ME on a pedestal. I’m body confident, dressed but also naked. I don’t have anxiety while dating anymore and I have peace. I would even say that I am peace.

This is the woman I want you to become today. No more body insecurities, no more anxious attachments, and no more situationships.

It took me years to get here. And I’m SO excited to help you fast-track your transformation by working hand in hand with me and helping you become a feminine woman.

This Transformation Will Help You Reinvent Yourself As The Most Feminine Woman Ever. 

Getting commitment will finally become easy and stress-free just like these women.

Here’s A Sneak Peak To My Program

1. The feminine mindset

- Discover the mistakes feminine women don't make to get him to commit

- Understand the male psychology so you can make him fall in love with you effortlessly

- Heal your wounds so you can start having healthy relationships

- Finally, stop putting others on a pedestal so men see you as a high-value woman

2. Become more attractive

- Learn how to look expensive on a budget to attract high-quality men

- Discover what your color palette is and dress for your body type to feel body-confident and attractive

- Develop true confidence (body and mind) to magnetize high-quality men without doing anything

3. Dating strategies

- How to be more approachable so men take the lead/initiative and not you

- Texts that keep him chasing

- How to create a profile so you can get better men to chase you on dating apps

- How to get him to commit after sleeping with him

- How to get him to chase you in a long-distance relationship so you can heave a sigh of relief

4. 12X Weekly group coaching 

- To provide you with a proven framework that feminine women use to get commitment

- To keep you accountable so you don’t make impulsive emotional mistakes and avoid red flags

- To transform you faster with me being by your side

- To connect you with fellow feminine women so you can thrive in your transformational journey

5. Bonuses

- Fillable worksheets so you will have all the tools you need to make him fall madly in love with you.

- To get you used to be treated like a princess, I will send you flowers to your home when you join the course.

- In the second month, I will send you a necklace with your name on it to reaffirm your new identity.

- You can book me 1:1 for an hour (even when you will complete the course so I make sure you avoid deadly mistakes).

- You have one-year access to me via Whatsapp for FREE so that you keep on having the emotional support you need.

And don’t worry if you couldn’t show up to the live session, you will also be able to access the replay.

This program is FOR YOU if:

- You want to date loving, high-income men who spoil you and commit fully to you.

- You want to stop fearing that the man would disappear.

- You want to stop having anxiety and overthinking everything.

- You want to go from being anxiously attached to a securely attached woman.

- You want a fulfilling relationship.

This program is NOT FOR YOU if:

- You are an information junky, who just wanna take info and never take action…

- Because this program is about transformation and not about information only.

- You want to date time wasters, toxic men, and emotionally unavailable men.

Love From My Clients

Why I Created This Program

About a few years ago, I felt heartbroken and I decided to not let the same thing happen to other women. I don’t want women to get played by men.

I want them to be treated like a princess by her high-quality man who spoils them.

I want them to know how to become feminine and support each other and magnetize the high-value man in their life.

So, it’s my MISSION to help as many women as possible to set free from the toxic patterns they repeat that harm their femininity.

And make sure women are valued and not taken for granted.

That’s why I created this…

A program for those who want to be valued for who they are and become feminine while experiencing ease, kindness, and compassion daily.

Some More Love From My Client

'Thank you so so much for answering all my queries for not only dating but all other aspects of my life. Making sure that I'm in my feminine energy. I appreciate your detailed responses." - Natalie

"Working with Eunice has been such a blessing. She gets down to your habits and really has thought-provoking questions that help you permanently change your life. You become more whole and more stable. Therefore, attracting better opportunities, better men, better friendship. I'm having great quality relationship with myself and other people. I look forward to working with her AGAIN. I'd recommend anyone who truly wants to change their life to take her." - Christina



✔️ 3+ hours of recordings for self-study to transform yourself at your own pace ($497 Value)

✔️ 12X Weekly group coaching via Zoom for mentorship and support ($997 Value)

✔️ Proven framework to fast track your progress ($2497 Value)

✔️ A private 1:1 call (for an hour) with me that you can book anytime ($297 Value)

✔️ Lifetime access to all recordings and worksheets

✔️ Exclusive access to me for ONE year via Whatsapp (Priceless)


1. Be ready to be treated like a princess as I send you Flowers when you join.

2. In the 2nd month, I will send you a necklace with your name on it to reaffirm your new identity. 

Start Becoming Feminine Today And Pay Wayyy Less

I usually charge $297 for 1:1 sessions, but if you join today, you can book my 1:1 sessions for an hour for free [Priceless]

And my clients pay me $4k for 3 months of personal coaching because they see incredible change in their love life. But you don’t have to pay that much.

This Group coaching is the best way for you to work with me,  you’ll get instant access to the recordings of all coaching calls, and worksheets, and you’ll get access to me too. It’s the next best thing to live coaching, at a fraction of the cost!

This course is transformative and I personally take care of you. 


✔️ TRANSFORM from wounded feminine energy to healthy feminine energy so you can discover softness and ease in all areas of your life.

✔️ Start dating high-quality men who treat you like a princess and respect you and your boundaries.

✔️ Feel self-confident and magnetize your real type of man without lifting a finger.

This program includes-

✔️ 3+ hours of recordings for self-study to transform yourself at your own pace ($497 Value)

✔️ 12X Weekly group coaching via Zoom for mentorship and support ($997 Value)

✔️ Proven framework to fast track your progress ($2497 Value)

✔️ A private 1:1 call (for an hour) with me that you can book anytime ($297 Value)

✔️ Lifetime access to all recordings and worksheets

✔️ Exclusive access to me for ONE year via Whatsapp (Priceless)


✨ Flowers at your home when you join

✨ Necklace of your name on the 2nd month

Pay In Full

Save $120 when you pay in full (Best Value)



Payment Plan

Pay just $538.92 Today! Then 2 more monthly payments of $538.92



I’m opening doors till 9th March only.

When you join you have immediate access to the modules. The first live Zoom session will start on the 10th of March 2023.

Note: I open the doors to this course once or twice a year only. You might meet the guy you really like when the doors are closed and ruin everything because you didn’t work on your femininity. So avoid making this mistake too.

Last time, the program was $997, And my clients really liked the program. They started to say, I should charge $1997, but I didn’t want to make it inaccessible to you. So join my program today before I increase the price.

Valentine Month’s Sale: 

You have $2791 OFF 

You invest $1497 Instead of $̶4̶2̶8̶8̶

Pay In Full

Save $120 when you pay in full (Best Value)



Payment Plan

Pay just $538.92 Today! Then 2 more monthly payments of $538.92



100% Money-Back Guarantee

You can try the first live zoom session and if you end up not liking it, you’ll get your 100% money back within 7 days of our first live session.

Have any doubts? You can book a FREE call with me by booking a time slot on Calendly(see below). I will personally answer all of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get Lifetime Access To The Recordings?

Some people prefer to learn at their own pace or need more time to heal. Sometimes you understand the lesson emotionally but not intellectually. This is why you will have access to the course for an unlimited time.

Do you feel like only pathetic women pay for dating advice?

You might wonder if this course is for you if you are single and aren't talking to any man right now. The real question to ask yourself is, "do I want to remain single"? 

 You didn't plan when you would meet the last man you liked, right? 

Well, it is going to be the same thing with the next man you will like. 

Except that this time, you will have all the tools you need to make him fall madly in love and commit to you. You will also have all the tools you need to avoid any additional trauma caused by dating time wasters, toxic men, and emotionally unavailable men.

I am Super Busy. What If I don’t have time to watch masterclasses?

Most of my modules are only 10 minutes long. You will be able to watch the replay of the Zoom calls if you can't attend.

Wouldn’t it be Pathetic If A Woman Pay For Dating Advice?

Let me stop you here. It’s usually women who have high self-esteem who pay for quality dating advice. Just like how those serious about their business are the ones attending seminars to take their business to the next level.

Also, we don't just do dating advice, we will work on all layers of femininity to truly transform the woman that you are.

I Don’t Think This Program Is For Me, Should I Still Enroll?

You can schedule a FREE call with me to clear all your doubts and find out if this program is for you.

You can get a 100% refund simply by emailing me within 7 days after we have our first live zoom session. You can really just try my dating strategies and stop the course if you dislike it. No questions asked.

Can I Pay In Installments?

Yes. You simply need to choose the option on the product page or email me for further assistance at sales@hv-queens.com 

What will happen after i click the enroll button?

When you click the button, you will need to sign up/login first and then you can proceed with purchasing the program. After purchasing, you will get immediate access to the pre-recorded modules and worksheets.

Pay In Full

Save $120 when you pay in full (Best Value)



Payment Plan

Pay just $538.92 Today! Then 2 more monthly payments of $538.92