Many women have many things working for them but they lack confidence and femininity when dating. Some find themselves pretty but they don’t find themselves magnetic. Others have a nice career but they aren’t able to attract and keep a provider. Some can’t go to the beach and overthink getting naked in front of their man because they lack body confidence.

Others feel lost. They don't have great role models around themselves and want to reinvent themselves.

I am sure you know plenty of gorgeous, high-value women who have no problem attracting men for casual hookups and being a forever girlfriend. But how many of them do you see are being worshiped by high caliber men over a long period of time? How many of them do you see getting deep commitment from quality men?

Here is the costs you pay daily for not investing in your femininity:

● You experience emotional stress. You constantly overthink things when dating. You spend your time going through all the Instagram profiles he follows to check who are the other women he might be talking to. You are constantly afraid of seeing him disappear or cheat. Even if you see him on a regular basis, deep down you feel like you don't truly have him. You have a hard time getting men to commit to you. It always ends up in situationships where you are in love and your emotional needs aren't fulfilled. You can't be playful around him because you don't feel emotionally safe.

● You have low self-esteem. You put men on a pedestal. You think other women are better than you. You are constantly comparing yourself with other women. You think you don't have worth if you are single. You don't have an identity outside of a relationship.

● You lack body confidence and constantly try to hide your body. You are insecure during intimacy and are afraid of judgement from your partner.

● You waste time consuming tons of content without taking action. You feel overwhelmed and lost because you don't know where to start.

● You date down because you cannot attract and keep a masculine man. You don't know how to disconnect yourself from the masculine side of you you need to bring in the workplace.

As long as you don't take action, this is how you will feel.

  • How would it feel like for you to be feminine and magnetic?

  • How would it feel like for you if quality men would chase you non-stop?

  • How would it feel like for you to finally be assertive and set boundaries?

It's time to reinvent yourself:

This 1-1 coaching is a high level training where you will reinvent yourself. It will help you become the most feminine woman ever. You will have all the strength you need to finally dare to communicate boundaries, you will feel body confident. You will heal your wounds and balance out your masculine and feminine sides. You will become the woman quality men want to commit to.

 Listen, when you invest in yourself, attracting quality men is a byproduct. You start to shine from within.

Many women message me daily on Instagram (@highvaluequeens) to tell me how my posts have transformed them. 

Imagine having me in your back pocket 

In my 1-on-1 coaching session, I will give you exclusive, intimate strategies and insights to make you the most feminine woman ever. You will develop your charisma, improve your self-esteem and raise your level of self-confidence it is not just about dating strategies, it is about your transformation as a fulfilled feminine woman. This 1-1 program is about reinvinting yourself at your own pace.

Women who are magnetic work all on aspects of femininity. It is not just about having tactics when dating. 

I will take you by the hand and show you, step-by-step, how to put yourself in the top 1% women. Those women are confident, quality men want to deeply commit to them and most importantly, they are healed. 

Do you want to chat with me for FREE before deciding?

You are free to book your FREE discovery call with me by emailing me at sales@hv-queens.com. It's not a coaching session since one call isn't enough to offer you the transformation you need. It is a phone call where we see together if I am the coach you need.

This is how you will transform yourself during those 12 weeks:

Working with me means that you now have a framework that works, a mentor to keep you accountable and guide you. You also have a compassionate ear who doesn’t judge you and whips your tears.

When we work together, I call you once a week for an hour and we work on your transformation. You have daily access to me via texts to check-in and have the support you need through that wonderful journey. Each session will be based on the aspects of femininity you need to work on and heal. At the end of most sessions you will have actions to implement immediately that will accelerate your progression. I will be there to keep you accountable.

How much is the investment?

When you decide to work with me, you get spoiled. I get you used to princess treatment. You receive flowers at home and many other gifts throughout the three months we will work together.

You can pay in full: $3997 for a three month personalized coaching.

You can also choose to pay in 3 installements of $1358.58.

Who should take this coaching program:

● Women who are sick of feeling insecure

● Women who want a soft life

● Masculine women who want to know how to be magnetic

● Women who believe that you can have it all, at the same time