How To Gain The Upper Hand In A Relationship?

Have you ever wondered how some women get masculine men to become their puppets and win in the relationship? The guy is handsome, healed, generous, and faithful. It just feels effortless to those women. But on your end, you struggle even to get a text back on time. No great guy  is willing to pay your rent, and you have nothing more than casual hookups.

When you meet a guy you like, you get excited. You think, "Thank God! Finally, someone who looks like his pics and doesn't lie about his height!" You have high hopes that he's the one and believe that he'll end up in love just like you by only spending some time with him. 

In the beginning, you are in this relationship gig, thinking it's all rainbows and butterflies. After a while, It becomes a wild ride and not always smooth. You are falling hard for him but don't see his energy coming back your way. Then, suddenly, you enter the world of power dynamics and feel like you are not driving the relationship bus. Your relationship doesn’t look like those of the women who magnetized their man.

No worries, I am here to chat about the ins and outs of relationship power moves and spill the tea on how to gain the upper hand in a relationship so that masculine men can become your puppet.

What Does It Mean To Have The Upper Hand In A Relationship?


How To Gain The Upper Hand In A Relationship?

Having the upper hand is knowing that the guy is going nowhere. He is just obsessed with you. He's a fan, and you give him a chance. It's not about playing toxic games. It's about being securely attached while knowing you're a real catch . This is the kind of woman a healthy man is looking for.

Let's simplify. There's this silent dance of affection in every love story, right? At the start, one person is more into the other person than the other way around. It's like you are on different love levels; it's no big deal. But as time passes, you match up, and that's a different story. 

For you to have the upper hand means to feel like he's going nowhere. You need to start the relationship on the right foot. He needs to be the one falling for you first. If you fall in love first, you will always feel like your guy isn’t truly into you. You will always be asking for more attention. He will always feel unpredictable. All of this will trigger anxious attachment.

You won’t be in a spot where you dare to hit the exit if the relationship isn't doing it for you or turns a bit toxic. 

What makes you magnetic is when you know you can say, "Nope, not working for me," at any stage of the relationship and stroll away. When you develop that attitude, he thinks you have some magical power, and he can't stop thinking about you even if he wants to move on.

Think of it like playing a game but in a good way. Being the feminine force, you make him feel like you are this unique gem, the only woman he'd ever want in the universe. 

You might think that only a certain type of woman can have this relationship dynamic. You think that being with someone who wants to spend time with you is just enough. But remember, it's not like that. If you settle for this, you will always be anxious when dating. Men will give you nothing else than the bare minimum.

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The Importance of Having the Upper Hand In A Relationship

How To Gain The Upper Hand In A Relationship?

Having the upper hand goes beyond tricky strategies, as strategies don't work long if you don't embody femininity.

It would be best if you magnetised masculine men. That's a skill; just like any skill, you can learn it.

So, why is it such a big deal? Let's break down why having the upper hand in a relationship is essential:

  • To Gain Power By Placing Yourself on a Pedestal

Having the upper hand in dating is a big deal because guys know the game. When they meet you, they might think, "Yeah, she's playing a bit hard to get now, but soon she'll be all about me, especially after things get intimate." 

Understand that men don't go on dates thinking, "I hope we gonna have a deep emotional connection." They first think about how fast they can sleep with you by doing the least. They don't fall in love easily because they need you to show up with a blueprint and a feminine attitude. You throw them off their game only when those two things are present.

If you want masculine men to become your puppet, they need to fall in love first, not vice versa. It’s only when you will feel like they are predictable that your anxious attachment will disappear. Understanding male psychology helps with it. I cover everything in my guide “How to bag a high caliber man in 12 weeks”. 

Right now men take you for granted because you feel predictable to them. In my guide I also cover how to throw them off their game (in a healthy way). Basically you need them to feel predictable to turn them into your puppet. On your end, you need to start being unpredictable by bringing up femininity, playfulness and self assuredness.

As you feel secure, you will attract men who want to contribute to your relationship. You must put yourself on a pedestal because that’s what drives masculine men.

  • A Chance For Continuous Self-Improvement

Do you feel frustrated seeing other women get commitment and princess treatment without doing much? Because they're actually doing much. They are levelling up behind closed doors. So, as you grow and work on your femininity and confidence, you'll become feminine. It's not about being perfect but about getting better every day. 

You need to work on yourself and have admiration for yourself. Until this happens, you will never feel like the prize.

It’s a forever journey. If you remain the same, you will feel predictable to him and he will lose interest.

  • A Way To Recognize Dynamics of Emotional Investment 

Having the upper hand is the only way to ensure the relationship is healthy and secure. If he has the upper hand, you will always feel like the relationship is stagnant. And soon, you will start feeling frustrated, and the love will feel one-sided.

It's like having a relationship GPS to navigate the highs and lows. So, wear those emotional glasses, see where you are, and ensure mutual investment.

  • Having the Upper Hand With Masculine Men Will Help You Manage Anxiety

Having the upper hand in a relationship will help you manage your anxiety. It will give you more confidence and calmness in the relationship. It's like holding the steering wheel, navigating the relationship on your terms, and making decisions contributing to your comfort and well-being.

However, remember that the goal isn't to control and abuse the other person. It's about your mental health, well-being, and two-sided efforts. As you find peace in yourself, the relationship will thrive automatically.

  • It Is A Non-toxic Approach To Establish A Connection

You become in charge of your happiness in a non-toxic way. It's about saying, "Here are my rules for feeling good and secure!" You talk openly about what's cool and what's not, and together, you make things awesome. No toxic fights, you seek understanding. It's about both of you making things better.

  • You'll Realize The Value of Feeling Irreplaceable

It's about understanding how special and unique you are, like a one-of-a-kind treasure. When you recognize your irreplaceable vibe, it boosts your confidence and makes you feel necessary. 

  • You Will Promote Positive And Empowering Femininity

When other women see you being worshipped and truly loved, it will inspire them to strive for more. And instead of thinking love is anxious, they will realize love is all about peace. 

You become a champion for confidence, kindness, and the incredible things that make you feel unstoppable. Promoting positive femininity makes you feel like a superhero for yourself and others.

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How To Gain The Upper Hand In A Relationship when you feel like you lost your power?

How To Gain The Upper Hand In A Relationship?

If you feel like you have lost that upper hand in your relationship, don't stress. It happens. 

Dating is a dance. You must be self-aware of what you do that might be perceived as pick-me. Then, you need to figure out how to regain control. It can be a real puzzle, so I suggest working with a femininity coach. She will help you understand your pattern and keep you accountable. 

Let's face it: Every woman wants control in their relationships. The secret to turning masculine men into your fans is about learning how to influence, not how to control them. It's a skill that I teach in my behind-closed-doors training. It's like a seesaw; sometimes you are up and sometimes down, you need to know what move to play when you start to lose the upper game. Remember: men also come with a game plan. It's not toxic when both adults are healthy, it's just part of the mating process.

Keep on reading to learn how to get started if you want masculine men to become your puppets and gain the upper hand:

  • Empower Yourself Through Self-Perception

Empowering yourself through self-perception is like tapping into your inner superhero vibes. Start by giving yourself a high-five for those fantastic qualities that make you uniquely awesome. Set some ground rules, and it's not about bossing anyone around but ensuring you are treated with the respect you deserve. Be your cheerleader, ensuring your needs are heard and acknowledged. 

  • Develop An Abundance Mindset

Developing an abundance mindset in dating is like unlocking the secret to attracting the right energy. It's like holding the key to a new level of positivity and possibilities. So, here's the deal: step away from that scarcity mindset where you think great men are as rare as a unicorn sighting. 

That feeling when you believe finding someone genuinely compatible is like winning the lottery, a once-in-a-lifetime chance. It's time to ditch that mindset because, let's face it, it doesn't vibe well with the universe.

Plenty of fantastic men are out there, each with charm and potential for a genuine connection. There's no need to cling desperately to one guy, thinking he's your last hope for happiness. 

Remember, the universe is into this whole abundance mindset. So, toss away that scarcity mentality, free up some mental space, and let meaningful connections flow into your life like a stream of good vibes.

  • Navigate Social Circles For Relationship Success

Step out of your comfy bubble and share your good energy with the world. Home is your chill spot, your recharge pad, but once you are all fueled up, it's adventure time. 

Head where the kind of guys you are into hang out. If you have your eye on the successful, high-status dudes, you must be where they do their thing. It might be a challenge breaking into specific social circles, but remember, as a woman, you have an advantage. 

Looks matter, and if you exude attractiveness, you'll catch the eye of successful men, no matter your background. It's like having a golden ticket; use it to your advantage and confidently navigate those social circles for relationship success.

  • Understand Male Psychology

It is a secret dating decoder, making everything less confusing. If you feel lost in the dating game, constantly overthinking, and unsure if you are making the right moves, you might still need to crack the male psychology code. 

If your self-esteem is on point and you are generally keeping it together, what’s lacking is your blueprint to throw men off their game. You need a straightforward game plan to follow week after week like the “How to bag a high caliber man in 12 weeks” game plan. Many women have already aced the dating game with it. They got the commitment they were after.

  • Focus On The Power of Patience in Relationship Building

Developing patience is a game-changer. It might be your anxious attachment if you feel the urge to rush into commitment without genuinely knowing the other person. 

Impatience can lead to projecting an idealized image based on surface-level impressions. Take, for instance, the scenario of someone wanting marriage and kids after just a few dates; that's unrealistic.

Patience is not just about waiting; it's about letting a connection develop naturally. Unlike some social media posts suggest, men don't fall in love overnight. The idea that men instantly know if you are "wife material" is often about a positive initial feeling that gets confirmed over time. Being into the idea that “he will know on the first date” will trigger anxious attachment if on your end you felt an amazing connection. The connection you feel on your end after a few dates isn’t enough to build a happy life with a masculine man. He needs to fall hard for you first.

  • See Yourself As A Relationship Recruiter

You need to start valuing commitment as much as men do. You have probably noticed that healthy men aren't quick to commit; they are picky about it. 

Well, it's time to adopt the same mindset. Think of it as you are the CEO of your relationship, and commitment is the top-level position. Masculine men don't throw it around casually, and neither should you. It's about recognizing your worth and thinking, "Hey, I'm a catch, and someone special has to earn my commitment."

When men commit, they see the woman as a goddess, someone extraordinary. Now, it's your turn to think the same way. Don't rush into commitments within the first few dates; let him work for it. 

Let him prove he's worthy of your commitment. You are in charge of recruitment and have high standards; only the best get the job. 

  • Shift Your Mindset Around Commitment And Its Value

Commitment is not something you grab off a shelf but a precious gem. Jumping into commitments too quickly, based on first impressions, means missing out on understanding someone personally. 

Social media shows us polished images, but the real deal comes when you see how someone handles stress and arguments.

Build an abundant mindset and add a dash of femininity to your dealings with guys. It's about revealing the power of patience in building relationships and, at the same time, committing a fresh look.

Wrapping Up

So, gaining the upper hand in a relationship is your journey to becoming the ultimate femme fatale. It mixes self-empowerment, Sherlock Holmes-style understanding, and a generous sprinkle of patience.

But it doesn't stop there. You have to understand the mysterious ways of male psychology and treat commitment like the treasure it is. 

I hope this guide feels like a trusty sidekick on your journey, offering insights and practical tips to help you rock your relationship. It's all about powering up yourself, nurturing those connections, and smoothly sailing through the twists and turns of the dating adventure.

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