Worried He Won’t Like My Body - A Guide to Self-Acceptance

In a relationship, have you ever worried about the fact that your guy may not like your body? 

Like, you are all confident in your clothes and style, but when it comes to being naked in front of your man, you feel insecure. 

And despite enjoying the butterflies and romantic moments, you constantly worry about whether your partner truly loves you and likes your body. 

So, if you're worried he won't like your body, this guide is for you! 

Let's dig into and know the signs that show that he doesn't like your body.

We will see what to do if that's the case. I'll also discuss signs that show he likes how you look and share what I do to show up like a femme fatale.

So, buckle up to know about your relationship and what to do if you sense that he doesn't like your body!

The Signs That Show He Doesn’t Like Your Body

Worried He Won’t Like My Body

Understanding your partner's feelings about your body is essential to understanding the man better and whether your relationship will work.

Here are some signs that show he doesn’t like your body:

Rare Positive Remarks About Your Body

You know how sometimes you throw on an outfit, and everyone goes "Wow, you look amazing!" but not your guy? If those "you look great" moments are rare in your relationship and you wish to hear them from your partner, it might be a sign that he doesn't like your body and style. While occasional compliments are normal, a scarcity of positive remarks might indicate a potential gap in expressing appreciation or admiration for your physicality. 

It’s not that words of affirmation aren’t his love language; he’s just not physically attracted.

Negative Comments Or Appearance-Related Jokes

There comes a situation where your partner's comments feel more like a stand-up comedy roast than a compliment. If he is dishing out negativity or throwing appearance-related jokes into the mix, and it's not the playful banter that keeps things light, that's a bit much. 

Humor is cool, but here, he is just mean. Remarks and jokes about your body and appearance are never ok. Take all the mean things he tells you very seriously.

Signs Of Discomfort When You Ask Him If He Thinks You’re Pretty

He is always talking about how so and so is beautiful. He compliments artists he sees in movies or social media. You see him liking pictures of women on social media from 2015 (when it’s 2024), but he barely likes your pictures.

I know social media should not be important but it takes a big place in our lives today. He doesn’t have to leave a comment on all your pictures to tell you how beautiful you are, but you need to see some sort of interest.

He has to stroke your ego offline but also online.

When you ask him if he finds you beautiful, he starts talking about something else. Maybe he answers, but that’s a vague answer. He doesn’t even try to convince you that he finds you beautiful.

You Had to Chase Him to Get Commitment

If you had to chase him and it took you a year to get a commitment, it means you are not his type, and he settled.

He loves your personality, and the sex is amazing. You laugh a lot together and aren’t crazy, so he committed. But deep down, he’s not attracted. That's why it took you so long to get him to commit.

As a rule of thumb, you aren't his type if you had to chase him, and it took him forever to commit. He settled because he’s not the kind of man to go after his dream girl because he’s insecure.

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Signs That Show He Likes Your Body

Worried He Won’t Like My Body

Though I have provided some signs where you get a signal that he doesn't like your body. But what if he likes your appearance, but you can't recognize it? It's not always in what he says but in the little things he does for you. 

These subtle signs can tell you a lot, from how he looks at you to the nice things he might say. Here are signs that show he likes your body:

He’ll Make Frequent And Intentional Eye Contact

If he looks at you a lot and seems to be paying attention, especially with his eyes, it could mean he likes your body. It also shows he is comfortable and wants to connect with you more deeply.

So, if he plays with you with his eyes, keeps looking at you, and makes you feel special, he likes you and your body.  

He’ll Flood You With Complimentary Remarks

If he's always throwing out those positive vibes about how you look - like praising your outfit, giving shoutouts to your features, or just straight-up admiring your physique - chances are, he's pretty into you. Those compliments are genuine, showing he's all about appreciating your body and keeping the relationship vibes positive and affirming.

If he doesn’t know you much and you are still in courtship, he might not say directly, “You’re beautiful”, but he will say something nice about your appearance in a subtle way.

He Will Love Showing You Off

When you're in a relationship with a man who is truly into and likes you, he enjoys being with you and spending time together in public. He will let everyone know you are his girl. 

He will also enjoy sharing those moments on social media by tagging and posting photos of you. You will be on his background picture, and his social media page will look like your fan page.

You'll Notice Warmth in His Gestures

When he's with you, you notice and sense the good vibes in his body language - genuine smiles, open posture, and warm eye contact. If he's mirroring your moves, staying close, and leaning in during chats, it's a sign he's into you. 

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How I Developed a Positive Body Image?

Worried He Won’t Like My Body

Regardless of how your man loves your body, you must have a positive body image. It’s essential to love what you see, but I also want you to know body confidence isn’t about contemplation only. It is also about how your body feels, moves, and protects you. Your body gives pleasure but also receives it. The more you will embrace all body functions, the more body confidence you will feel.

If I talk about my experience, developing a positive body image took me some time. As I age, it just keeps on getting better. My journey started when I decided to build healthy habits. It was really difficult for me as I grew up skinny and unfit. As my metabolism slowed down, I started to gain weight, but I was still unfit. When the pain became unbearable, I decided to do something about it. I started to work out and developed healthy eating habits. These were all trials and errors but today, I have a system that allows me to take care of my body on autopilot. That's something I teach in my private coaching program because as a feminine woman, you can't afford to have unhealthy habits.

After that, I started to compare my body with some of the women I was following on social media. My waist was never tiny enough compared to them. One day, I decided to unfollow all those women. It helped me tremendously. It's only after doing it I realized I was underestimating myself. I was also beautiful. I just could not see it.

I also learned how to pose in pictures and found my good angles. I made a video that was normally for the women who are part of my Patreon to help them take better bikini pictures. Some women who are part of my Patreon messaged me to tell me they liked their bodies for the first time after following my tips. It works.

Because I want you to be body confident, I made this video public, and you can now watch it on YouTube to learn how to pose perfectly in pictures and slay your looks.

 When it comes to acne, I see a dermatologist and use The Ordinary’s products. If you struggle with acne or any other skin condition, you must see a derm. Over-the-counter products are more for people who have pimples here and there, not for people with serious acne problems. Keep your routine simple and ask your derm when you aren’t sure. Bring the products you use so she can check the list of ingredients. You pay, that’s her job.

I discovered the power of eyelash extensions. No one tells you this, but it makes your favourite influencers look like a model. They all wear it. You also need to groom your eyebrows. Groomed eyebrows are also a game-changer.

You need to experiment with different lengths for your hair, but almost everyone looks better with more volume. Stick to the same hairdresser. She/he knows your hair best. Don't wear clothes that cheapen your appearance and bring your personality down instead of lifting it. Go with the clothes and colors that suit you and make you look more attractive as the dresses you wear.

So, you can follow this routine and go with some beauty sessions to engage your appearance and overall feminine beauty. 

Want to know how to dress modernly, look your best, and pop-up your personality? Watch my YouTube video to learn how to dress like a pro so you look like Lori Harvey. Feel free to copy her style to look your best! 

I also want you to know actual attractiveness isn't just about physical appearance. It's crucial to nurture self-esteem and develop a great personality. Embracing confidence and kindness contribute significantly to an attractive and positive self-image. All these things, self-esteem, and inner and outer beauty will boost your confidence and make you feel more beautiful.  


Why does my boyfriend criticize my body?

When your boyfriend throws shade at your body, usually it's because he has his insecurities. He is trying to lift him by bringing you down. But here's the thing - don't let those comments mess with your confidence. Flip the script and dump him. 

How do I know that if he only wants me for my body?

If your partner's always laser-focused on complimenting your looks and not diving into your mind, personality, and all that good stuff, it hints at a more superficial interest. A real connection goes beyond just the body – it's about appreciating all the different sides of you, knowing you, and showing interest inside and out.

It’s Time To Know Your Worth!

If you get the vibe that he's not truly in love, doesn't like your body, and is afraid of being associated with you in public, then ladies, it's time to show him your bossy moves. He's a big red flag, so dump him now and move on.

Working on yourself and improving your body image must be your goal before seeking a new relationship. Because a cheerful, feminine, and beautiful body is what attracts the most. So, pull yourself up, hit the gym, work on your inner and outer self, regularly follow some beauty hacks, or have beauty sessions. 

So, start today, overcome your insecurities, and boost your feminine beauty confidently.

If you would not mind personalized adice for healthy relationships, DM me on Instagram @highvaluequeens. At the end of the program, you end up committed to a man who loves the floor you walk on.

Remember, your relationship will be much more joyful and cherishable when you are into each other. He needs to like admire your body, mind, and soul. If you have don't have those three things, you would be happier single.

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