You're pretty, get nice dates (sometimes even gifts) but high-status men don't commit?

It's hard to keep them chasing you consistently even via text?

Sure, you're a catch—no trouble attracting attention on Hinge or scoring dates. Yet, you don't understand why you are unfulfilled in love. Men worship your body. Sex is amazing, and you have an amazing connection, but it's hard for you to get commitment. The men you like are still active on dating apps, following new women on Instagram. They give you a vague answer when you talk about commitment and exclusivity.

They consider themselves single. They answer your texts, and you guys stay in touch, but you can tell they don't particularly miss you. If you are honest with yourself, you know they aren't in love. 

It's disheartening.

Sure, it's a great ego boost to be told you're beautiful and have them like your selfies on Instagram (who doesn't like an ego boost?!), but it hurts to deal with inconsistency and be overlooked when it comes to proper emotional investment.

Why do they keep their options open, leaving you in a loop of unfulfillment? You deserve more than a situationship.

You want someone who stops entertaining other women, provides for you, and makes you a priority.

What if you can change that?

 Imagine this:

-You effortlessly magnetize masculine men 

-You start seeing a progression when you date 

-You stop feeling like the high-profile men you like could ghost you any day

-You stop dealing with inconsistency and false hope. Getting commitment with men who turn you on becomes easy. They fall in love first.

Your love life is essential. When the relationship is fantastic, we are happier when we have that particular person in our lives than when we are alone.

 Looking good attracts the guy, but deep commitment requires more. You need to understand male psychology, what you have been doing wrong so far, and a proven dating strategy that makes him fall in love first—and more!

I have done it for you if you want to know how to combine all the pieces to quickly get commitment.

The masterclass below and the exclusive bonuses will help you confidently navigate courtship. The tips in there will help you stay on his mind by using the power of playfulness (it's like a drug to masculine men).

 You get to watch him fall for you week after week. You start to feel secure when dating and stop seeing him disappear.

And the best part?

-You don't have to memorize a script

-You don't have to sit for long hours to know what to do. The tips are actionable

-You don't need to fake femininity. Each tip can be adapted to your own personality

-You don't need a PhD in psychology to understand the masterclass and start influencing high-status men 

That's why you will be the woman who stands out.

The masterclass will make him feel like you were created just for him. 

Grabbing his attention with looks is just one tiny piece of the puzzle.

When you're ready for ALL of your dimensions to attract and magnetize high-status men? Grab the masterclass.


If you want to join a community of women who choose to date up and be magnetic, it starts with consuming femininity content smarter.

I've curated it with time stamps so you can dive straight into the juicy parts:

02:09 - 02:54: Getting the upper hand in the talking stage with high-status men

2:55 - 13:35: Psychological tricks to stay on his mind (even when he's away)

13:40 - 19:00: What to do after the date to be asked out again

17:50 - 19:05: How to be spontaneous without looking too available

19:09 - 33:00: Analyze the texts that make you lose points

33:05 - 34:26: How to approach conversations about commitment or exclusivity to avoid another situationship

 34:28 - 34:40: How do you handle the attention from other suitors

34:41 - 34:56: What strategies are to use to ensure consistent communication between dates?

34:57 - 36:12: Navigating mixed signals or ambiguous behavior and spotting red flags

36:13 - 37:00: Concerns about scaring him off by discussing commitment too soon

37:01 - 37:20: Balancing the desire to impress him with the need to assert personal boundaries

 37:21 - 37:40: Guarding against getting emotionally invested too quickly

38: 38 - 38:39: what if you aren't confident enough to stick to this game plan


 Bonuses included: Get my best-selling guide "How to bag a high caliber man in 12 weeks" +  3 exclusive modules from my $3K course to keep him chasing (even via text)

It's your blueprint to get commitment without friction.


What you will learn:

  • How to leverage the secret sauce of the most feminine women to get masculine men to chase you via texts

  • What are the psychological tricks that make masculine men think "how does she know me this well?", " She has magical powers over me!"

  •  How to navigate the talking stage with the upper hand this time around so that you stop getting attached prematurely 

  • How to build a genuine connection to prevent ghosting or casual hookups

Stand out from the crowd

Learn the single keystroke that will make you stand out. The strategies in the masterclass are super easy to implement. It’s not about mind games and being immature. It’s for healed women who have done the work already but are just a bit clueless about male psychology. It’s for women who don’t need personalized coaching and already have a rare level of self confidence but for some reason struggle getting commitment with high-value men. 

It's for women who know they are attractive but want to be perceived like a femme fatale when dating so that they magnetize masculine men and get commitment.

It’s for empowered women who know baking a cake that turns out yummy 100% of the time  is easier with a recipe to follow. No need to figure it out on your own by kissing tons of frogs.

My best selling e-guide "How to bag a high caliber man in 12 weeks" is included.

Get noticed and get results

Put an end to rambling, boring dates that feel like the ones he had already with five other women before you. Every stage of courtship is explained in detail so that you avoid red flags, experience princess treatment and — most importantly — make him fall in love.

Stand out in a crowded market

Learn the dating strategies most beautiful women with a good heart ignore. When YOU take action on this, you will stand out among other women and be remembered.

About me

I used to work with men, this is why I understand them well. I also spent the past few years studying psychology.

What I share in this bundle is backed up by science. You don't have to read tons of studies to figure out male psychology,  charisma, seduction and influence. I did the heavy lifting for you.

  I have seen what the women who magnetized the men I worked with did. I shared all of them in the guide so you can just plug and play. The results are DRAMATIC.

Hi, I’m Eunice. I used to be the biggest pickme. I struggled with anxious attachment. I had no problem being detached with the men I didn’t like too much but with those I really liked, I would get anxious. I would have a pounding heart when waiting for their texts. I would overthink things, not sleep because I was waiting for a text. I would put them on a pedestal and put myself down. Beg for commitment, buy them gifts so that I would have an excuse to see them.

What’s crazy is that back then, I didn’t know I had a problem. I thought this is what falling in love was but it isn’t.

Being anxiously attached came with a cost. I would never be the dream girl, only the placeholder.

Today I am securely attached and have helped hundreds of women reach the same level of confidence. Getting commitment with high status men finally became easy. 

Dating should generate no stress at all for you as the feminine. This is the healthy way to date.

Today, I coach women who want change in their love life. This book is for you to experience what it feels like to work with me at a fraction of the cost.


What's the difference between your masterclass and your e-guide and your coaching services?

This masterclass and the e-guide are complementary. The bundle is for women who are secure already because they have put in the work BUT they are a bit clueless about male psychology. It’s for women who need some actionable tips to get commitment with a masculine man.

It’s for women who have been working on their feminine energy already and want to get to the next level.

The e-guide is a way to try my blueprint without waiting for when I open the doors of my group coaching program. 

The coaching sessions start at $1500 for three months.

My coaching sessions are for empowered women who want personalized advice because they deal with anxious attachment during courtship. They need a full transformation and direct access to me daily. 

The bundle is an affordable DIY tool and the coaching sessions are for women who need to work deeply on their anxious attachment and their level up journey.

Is it available in other languages?

The masterclass is in English but you can add substitles in almost all languages (English, Spanish, French, German).
The guide is also available in Spanish. Email me at if you want it at no additionnal cost.

Is there an audiobook version?

Yes, it’s included for FREE when you join my Patreon 

Is the bundle beginner friendly?

Yes totally. The strategies are easy to implement and you are literally guided for the next 12 weeks.

You would be surprised by the amount of details you get. You get a "plug-and-play" guide.

You have the exact scripts to say to be perceived like the prize. It's not just "challenge him and watch him fall for you". It's more like "At date 3 you will see that he will do this, here is what you need to tell him to have the upperhand again".

No more guesswork.

How can I get the FREE modules to get him to commit?

When you buy, you will be able to download the FREE modules. Please do not leave the checkout page. You will also get an email to download the material. 

Your bonuses:

-You will get two modules to fine tune your text strategy so that he can keep on chasing you even via texts (even when he is away!). 

-You also get an additional bonus that helps you heal your anxious attachment so that you can start being perceived like the prize.

-You get one exclusive module to show up like a true femme fatale. You will know how to show mystery and playfulness

The women who have access to what I share here normally pay me $2997+ but you get it for FREE if you take action now.

If you don't get anything please DM me on Instagram @highvaluequeens or email me at

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