How to be Feminine at Work? A Comprehensive Guide

In this modern world, we all are busy chasing the bag but don’t take enough time to enter our soft life era. We forget to work on ourselves and don’t know how to look more feminine at work.

It’s a challenge for many of us to look feminine and feel feminine without fearing that our colleagues will cross boundaries. We do it unconsciously but we end up showing up like men in the workplace. This affects our performance and our love life.

feminine energy


Nurturing our feminine energy while working in a masculine world takes a lot of energy. It is exhausting.

Learning how to combine femininity with being a top executive is crucial. Femininity is abundance, not a curse. It’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s something you need to harness. That’s the only way to have your colleagues speak highly of you, increase your performance, and make more money.

After observing this issue, I learned the 8 best ways to look feminine at work. 

Let’s start exploring!

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What is Femininity?

Femininity is all about the essence of womanhood. It’s your ability to balance your masculine and feminine traits. It also refers to a certain set of cultural, behavioral, and social norms associated with characteristics attributed to women. 

Being feminine means having self-respect. It’s also about being playful and light-hearted. When you have strong feminine energy, your power is more internal. You don’t have to tell. Others feel it. You feel it. 

woman hood

Feminine traits include softness, kindness, and thoughtfulness. Feminine energy is about playfulness, living in the present, and having compassion. 

Women with strong feminine energy are detail-oriented and highly intuitive at work. They think outside of the box and are creative. They have great communication skills. They are passionate about life, sensitive, loving and caring.

On the contrary, masculinity is more about being future-oriented. It’s about being serious, having self-control, and making plans. Masculine energy has strong boundaries. It is assertive, action-oriented, and ambitious.

Being feminine isn’t about how your body looks. You don’t have to have a large chest to be feminine. It’s not about having your nails done every week either. It’s about loving being a woman. 

Femininity is about inner strength while masculinity is about power.

You want to be known for being a femme fatale but feel like this can’t be you because you are known for being a boss lady? You built your identity around that but deep down you want to be more than an executive. Or do you see some women being cherished by high earners and want that for yourself, too? 

You need to learn how to add femininity to your career to reap the benefits of working with both energies.

How to Be Feminine at Work? 8 Most Effective Ways! 

1. Prioritize yourself to turn heads even at the office

You are a baddie but you have been leaving the house looking low-maintenance? Do you think it doesn’t matter because none of your male colleagues are attractive? Maybe you think you dress well but everyone compliments your colleague Sarah on her outfits but they never say anything about yours.

Office Glamour

Remember that if you are serious about dating up, you need to turn heads everywhere you go. This includes your workplace. 

Maybe you don’t have attractive colleagues but you can bump into an attractive executive during your lunch break at Pret à Manger. You want to be known for being the hot woman in the office.

Knowing you look good will enhance how you show up. You will be more excited about the presentation you need to make. You will be more enthusiastic about grabbing drinks after work with your best friend. Why? Because when we dress well, we want to be seen.

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2. Dress in a Feminine Way!

The dressing is the heart of our personality; as you know, “First impression is the last Impression,” so make a beautiful impression by filling your wardrobe with elegant and fitting pieces.
Do you tend to dress down at work because you fear not being taken seriously?

I understand your fear, but you must know that dressing well isn’t about allowing coworkers to cross boundaries. When you look good, you are more sure of yourself. You want to be seen. Watch my recent YouTube video to get tons of feminine work outfits ideas to look fashionable and professional with the simple dressing hacks and turn heads. 

Here are the best examples of feminine outfits for the office:

  • Complete the look with open-toe heels. The heel should be chunky to feel comfortable throughout the day. Closed-toe heels are too formal and can make your outfits look boring.
  • Wear your colour palette near your face. The first thing I do when I take up clients is to make sure they turn more heads. One way of doing this is simply by wearing your colour palette- it triggers the wow effect.
  • Always prefer high-quality fabrics like linen, silk and wool instead of buying polyester all the time.
  • Don’t forget to groom. I see some women dress well but they don’t wear makeup. Listen, I know Sophie Richie looks beautiful with her no make-up look but I want you to know women like her have makeup artists and top surgeons. Botox and fillers make makeup optional but for normal people like you and me, no makeup means looking like you just got off of bed. I know you’re busy and applying makeup can be time-consuming so if you have great skin, you can opt for a BB cream for a lighter coverage. 
  • Get your lashes done. All of us look like models with eyelash extensions.
  • Do your eyebrows. It’s a game-changer.
  • To look more feminine at work, you can try simple accessories like an elegant watch (so no Apple watch), a designer handbag that is an investment piece, a scarf, and a belt to refine your look.
  • A white shirt can be very corporate, and you can also make it more casual by opening up the buttons and making a twist around your waist.
  • A blazer can be business-appropriate. I don’t have big boobs, so outside of work, I wear blazers without anything underneath. I feel sexy when I do.
  • If you want to be a feminine woman, make sure you have the habit of a proper skincare routine because this will help you look more confident.
  • You don’t need to put on heavy makeup; you just need a simple product according to your skin type. Not only your face, but you also have to take care of your body. Beautiful, gorgeous, and charming are all powerful women's qualities. Your skin should be properly hydrated. 
  • Once a month, make an appointment at the salon for hair treatment, manicures, and pedicures.
  • Keep your hair, nails, skin, and hands cleaned. I learned this tip from a hand model, moisturizing your hands after washing them is a game-changer.

3. Pay Attention to Your Body Language!

Good posture helps maintain your physical appearance and boosts your confidence. It’s not uncommon for women who work with men to have masculine body language. Some have reported to me they fear not being respected if they have another body language.

Body Language

Being a feminine woman, you can show confidence with your body language without losing your femininity and respect from your peers. A femininity coach can help you with that.

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How Showing Up Feminine at Work Will Benefit Your Love Life?

Most people end up with their colleagues. Maybe you think, “None of my colleagues are attractive,” or “I only have female colleagues.” I’m sure those colleagues have cousins and friends to introduce you to. We want the people we love to be with great people. When you look amazing, your coworker Sarah thinks “I need to introduce her to my cousin Joe. He will find her so hot”.

Feminine Presence

Try to enjoy life before work. It can be going to the gym before work or having a coffee at a coffee shop. You need some solo time before sharing your gifts with the world. Going to coffee shops before work and interacting with people that aren’t colleagues will help you in dating. You need to increase the pool of the people you know.

You can also start enjoying life after work. I have noticed that many women who come to me for coaching don’t go out much after work. They rely on dating apps alone. Dating apps should not be your sole strategy. You need a strategy for meeting men offline as well.

4. Dating Etiquettes at the Office!

Do you have a crush at the office? DM me on Instagram @highvaluequeens to let me know what challenges you have with them (I can certainly help you overcome them).

It’s normal to have a crush at the office. We spend more than 40 hours there. You might be making mistakes that cause the guy you like to take you for granted. 

Refrain from initiating on Teams. That’s you being in your masculine.

Office Dating

 Maybe something happened already, and you want him to ask you out again? So what you do is that you show up in his department to make sure he doesn’t forget about you right?

I understand your logic, but you need a proper strategy to attract and keep great men. Grab the blueprint that has helped my clients get deep commitment and princess treatment.

5. Communicate like a Feminine Woman!

Many female executives say, “ I want a six-figure man because I also make 6 figures.” That’s a masculine way of thinking. A healthy man making good money isn’t looking for a business partner. He wants a hot, feminine woman.
Start saying, “I want a successful man because I’m hot.”

Work on your voice to make it sound more feminine. Here, I suggest a few pieces of advice to maintain your tone.

Feminine Communication
  1. Speak with confidence and without any fear.
  2. Clearly express your thoughts and feelings.
  3. Maintain a respectful tone and avoid personal attacks and gossip. 
  4. Act like a true feminine: be kind, generous, loving, and caring.

Develop Traits of Successful Feminine Leaders Like Grace Beverly, Christina Gabalto, or Greta Van Riel!

How to be Feminine at Work

There is nothing more powerful than learning and looking up to successful and famous female leaders and taking inspiration from them. Some of my favorite female leaders I follow and to whom I always look up to and take inspiration are Karla Deras Chambers, Grace Beverly, Christina Gabalto and Greta Van Riel.

What made Grace Beverly so successful is her community. She’s playful, vulnerable and doesn’t take herself seriously. She’s detail-oriented and cares about releasing magic.

She’s also a time management queen which is a great trait to develop.

But how can you copy her?: keep on working on your craft but refrain from taking validation from the money in your bank account. As a feminine woman you will get blessings but you can’t get attached to them. Stay attached to spirit.

Christina Gabalto is also another inspiring feminine leader. You can tell she’s a sweet boss. She sends flowers to her new team members to welcome them. She always acknowledges the importance of having female friendships and makes time for quality moments.

Here is how you can copy her: make time for holidays. For your well-being, you need to take a few days off here and there. Stop wearing working as a badge of honor all the time. It isn’t. Adam Grant shared that taking a week off here and there is better than taking 3 weeks off in a row. The amount of breaks you take is more important than the length.

Do you know Greta Van Riel? She became successful by selling detox tea at 22 years old. What I love about her is how she followed her intuition. You don’t get bossy vibes from her. You can see she just goes up after new business ventures by following her intuition and working with data.

How to be more like Greta Van Riel: follow your intuition. Napoleon Hill in his book “think and for rich” talks about surrendering to divine intelligence. That’s basically what Greta has been doing.

Lastly there is Karla Deras Chambers. I started following her fashion blog when I was in high school and since then I’m obsessed. I started to hit the gym because of her. I became more of a femme fatale thanks to her as well.

She’s the owner of the brand “the line by K”. She started it as a small company but you could see Kim Kardashian wearing her clothes. If you can get Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner to wear your clothes, you have great networking skills. People who know her personally always talk about how she’s one of the sweetest people they know.

Karla is playful at work and this doesn’t mean she’s not focused. You see her twerk during her breaks and handle meetings like a boss when it’s time to work.

What to copy: Karla Deras pays attention to details. She doesn’t choose between being hot, being a boss and being a mom. She’s all three. By following her you learn you can be everything you want at the same time. She’s also family-oriented and I love how she prioritizes her relationships.improving your mindset

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6. Choose a Job that Allows You to Express Your Femininity!

To be feminine, you should prioritize a job where you can express your thoughts and ideas. It’s not so much about the job title. I don’t want you to sacrifice your lifestyle when I say this- far from it. Women like Christina Galbato or Grace Beverley are feminine, have an exciting lifestyle yet, they stay feminine at work. 

Express Femininity

Being feminine at work is about having loving colleagues and loving clients. Your colleagues aren’t family and don’t have to be completely healed, but they must still be good people.

Choose a job where you feel appreciated for your ideas and hard work but also for who you are as a person. 

You know you are in your feminine energy at work when your boss, colleagues, and clients truly appreciate you. My derm is like that. Her office is full of gifts from patients. When your patients/clients love you, know that you are doing something right. Use your wits and make the decision that you are going to become the best version of yourself. You want to be a queen who is well-paid, cherished by her man, and surrounded by love even at work.

You know your spirit's instrument of service when you are in your feminine energy. Try to honour your gifts and serve others. The goal is not to feed your parents’ ego. You can reinvent yourself anytime. If you don’t know how to do it, a femininity coach will help you get started.

By doing what you love and upgrading your skills, you can live a rich life, rest in softness, and date up by networking.

For that purpose, you must rewire your brain and think: “I will work with good people only” and “I’m so lucky to attract loving clients.” “I don’t have to settle.” Lastly, “I Love Myself and am proud of myself.”

Being good at work isn’t just about screaming mantras. Mantras help rewire your brain. But you need to put in the work. Keep on taking classes, attend seminars, etc. It will allow you to explore networks, upgrade your skills, and balance out your masculine and feminine energy. When you become good at your job, you will stop fearing losing it. Even if you lose it, you know you are abundant in options.

7. Be Financially Secure: Generate Multiple Income Streams! 

Women should be financially independent and responsible for their finances no matter how their father, brother, or husband is doing. 

Try to generate as much income as possible so that you don't have to face any difficult situations in the future and you can manage your finances with confidence.

Financial Security


I know women with high-paying jobs but no stocks on their names. That’s a mistake. Saving isn’t enough. You need to invest. I started investing after reading Ramits book “I’ll Teach You to Be Rich.” I also love the girlsthatinvests book by Simram Kaur. That's the book I see myself reading to my daughter to teach her financial litteracy. 

If you are in Europe, you can open an investment account with Boursobank. Use my coupon code “EUMU4472” to get €80 when you open an account with them. Boursobank is the cheapest bank in Europe, and opening an account is fast. I love that I can pay with my card when I travel without paying any fees. Their customer service is also so responsive. Their monthly fees are the cheapest I’ve ever paid. The only regret I have is not opening an account with them sooner. I closed my account with my previous bank and they gave me money for making them my main bank. Who doesn’t love generosity?

Investing in stocks will allow you to feel more financially secure. That’s also something you can do with Boursobank.

There are 2 sorts of pick-mes: financially desperate women and women who are emotionally desperate.

When you buy some stocks, you can apply to join their free shareholder club. That’s another way to meet high earners. Lvmh has one. It’s the group that owns Louis Vuitton. You get special invites for events and exclusive discounts on wine.

Setting up your investment accounts and being financially educated will make you feel safer when dating and working. You know you have other income streams the day you lose your job or marriage. This helps you not be desperate for money when dating.

You will also know how to negotiate your prenup agreement better.

While the books I mentioned are important to read, they don't teach you how to actually choose your stocks, that's why I included it in my Patreon. Patreon is the space I created for women already committed who see their man chasing them less. You have an entire blueprint to change the dynamic and gain the upper hand. Click here to check it out.

8. Stop Doing These Things on Social Media to Rest in Your Femininity

Try to post fewer pictures of you at work on social media. When you work, work and when you play, play. Having the habit of taking pics of you at work can lead to distraction and energy leak. You become obsessed with taking the perfect selfie and that’s already 30 mins wasted.

Social Media

I want to add that when you are having fun, you don’t have to balance things out by showing your laptop later to let Instagram know “you also work.” We tend to do that because society values masculine traits more than feminine traits. 

Being overwhelmed and working long hours is something we want to showcase on social media, but remember that as a feminine woman, your value isn’t based on the long hours you work and your job title. What makes you lovable is how kind and compassionate you are.


Learning how to tap into your feminine energy comes from improving your mindset. You need to stop fearing you will lose the respect of your peers if you don’t show up like a man.

You can be a boss lady who magnetizes masculine men. It starts by leaving the house looking good and by working on your feminine leadership.
Drop a comment to name one thing a colleague does to be feminine at work.

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