How To Be Feminine In A Relationship and Stop Dating Bad Guys!

Venturing on a date can be an exciting yet challenging experience for today's woman. In this modern age, where expectations are high, and norms constantly evolve, having a successful dating experience requires confidence, intuition, and self-awareness. From the excitement of meeting someone new to the uncertainty of potential pitfalls, each encounter offers growth and self-discovery opportunities. 

I recently engaged in a conversation with Farah who has been empowering women on Instagram on her page @feminidad_y_bienestar. So, this blog post is all about our engaging discussion. Farah shares tips on how to stop dating bad guys, build healthy relationships, set clear boundaries to recognize red flags and build healthy female habits over time. 


So, get ready to gain valuable insights from Farah’s own journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Your Values:

Let's start with your values.

1. What is femininity to you?

For me, femininity is about the connection with my intuition and emotions. 

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Let's move to our second question! 

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2. What's a masculine man to you?

To me, a masculine man in a relationship is honest, responsible, upright, mentally strong, and responsible for his actions and decisions. 

3. What are your top 3 values, and what does it mean to you?

My top three values are 

  1. Honesty
  2. Loyalty
  3. Empathy

I believe these things are fundamental for me.

Your Story:

Everyone has gone through different phases of life and hence has a different story to tell. So, let's discuss Farah's story of femininity and relationships.

4. Name healthy feminine habits you developed over time (what were the challenges you had when you started to develop those habits).

Some healthy female habits I have developed over time are
  • Self-care, both physically and emotionally. Despite all the work I may have during my day, I always dedicate time for myself, practice self-care, and care for myself physically and emotionally.

Then, the habit that has been the most difficult for me is establishing limits with certain people around me and not feeling bad about it.

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5. What made you start your level-up journey?

I remember when I was 19 years old, I bought a self-improvement book I liked. Since then, I have started working a lot more on myself and building healthy female habits because I find good inspiration through it.

6. What's the best compliment you've ever received?

The best compliment that has always been said to me is that I am a fairly positive person. I always think that everything in this life happens for a reason, and that doesn't mean you have to collapse. That inspired the people around me, and I feel valued in that aspect.

7. Share a quote that empowers you.

"Maktub" is an Arabic word that means "it was written." This means that what is meant to happen will always find a unique and wonderful way to manifest regardless of anything that may happen to us.

8. What challenges do you still have in your feminine journey?

I struggled a lot to learn how to be in your feminine energy with a man you're dating. But today, I am grateful that I do not encounter challenges; I always try to do my best.

9. What was your worst date?

I didn't have a worse date because before meeting someone, I tried to get to know them by chat, and if I saw that they met my expectations, I would go on a date.

10. What was your best date?

My best date was in Morocco when my husband took me to a restaurant where they served Turkish food and surprised me with a dessert that is my favorite. I value that moment because it made me very happy.

Your Maintenance:

Every girl wants to look beautiful, and I believe taking care of ourselves, grooming, maintaining our physical appearance, and having healthy female habits boost confidence and enhance overall well-being. But it's also important to remember that beauty is subjective, and embracing one's unique qualities contributes to a more genuine and self-assured sense of confidence.

So, Let's talk about how Farah maintains herself and her beauty: 

11. Name 3 things that make you look like a bomb.

My top beauty hacks to look feminine and attentive are: 

  1. A haircut that highlights my facial features; I usually do it a lot in summer.
  2. Well-applied makeup that enhances my features.

I wear clothes that make me feel comfortable but also elegant.

12. What are your favorite places in your city to level up (nail tech, hairdresser, etc.)?

  1. I usually go to "Casa Olea," in the center of Barcelona, for manicures.
  2. For hair, I like "Anara." It is a hair salon located in Barcelona.

When I have a party, I go to "Kaftan Elegance." It is on the outskirts of Barcelona, where there are exclusive designs.

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13. Name one thing you stopped doing because it cheapened your appearance.

I stopped using certain hair products containing harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens as I discovered they were damaging my hair.

14. How do you develop body confidence?

I practice self-care daily, including exercise, healthy eating, and skin care. I focus a lot on myself and leave stereotypes behind.

15. What's the best compliment you have ever received?

One day, my husband's friend told my husband next to me that he fell in love with me because of my eyes, since that is exactly what people usually tell me: I have beautiful eyes.

You know we girls love to maintain ourselves and keep ourselves looking our best at all times. Self-care is a priority through skincare routines, makeup, or regular exercise.

16. How much do you spend on your monthly maintenance?

Nails usually cost me €35 if I do fake ones. From time to time, I do it myself with my natural nails, and the polish costs me €6.00 ​​from Kiko Milano, or I buy one called Brische Cosmetics, which costs €3.99.

When I cut my hair or get it straightened, it usually costs me €170. It depends on how long my hair is.

The products I usually use for my skin are Vichy and Clarins. Something that I find essential for the skin is to have a healthy diet and balance in everything we do.

Big Sister Advice:

17. What should women do to protect themselves better when dating?

Women must learn how to be feminine in a relationship and maintain their feminine energy when dating a guy. I think it's important for women to trust their intuition and set clear boundaries from the beginning to avoid misunderstandings. Being a prepared woman is essential.

18. What are the femininity pages/role models that empower you?

I follow Annabey on Instagram. I like her content, which aligns with feminine energy and self-improvement. I also really like Sarajaneho; I love its content, which is based on femininity, etiquette, and self-improvement. They make me feel very empowered and motivated.


19. What are your top places in your city to meet high earners?

In my city, the exclusive golf or country clubs are where the members are usually businessmen, executives, and high-level professionals, to meet people with high incomes. These places offer a relaxed and social environment where engaging in conversations and connecting with financially successful people is possible.

20. What is the thing a guy has done that made you think you made progress in dating?

When a guy shows interest in getting to know me and understands my needs and wants, it makes me feel like we are progressing in the relationship. For example, planning appointments, being thoughtful, and maintaining open and respectful communication are signs of my progress.

21. Name a red flag that too many women overlook.

  1. When they talk bad about their ex-girlfriends so quickly.

I consider it a lack of respect and commitment when they cancel your appointment at the last minute.
I also consider it a red flag that a man wants to have sex on a first date. I think these things women should not overlook.

22. Where can we find you?

You can find me on Instagram as "feminidad y bienestar." My podcast is "Healing Your Feminine Energy." I give personalized advice to level up. They'll get a 15% discount if they come from high-value queens.



As I wrap up our chat with Farah, I've explored the essence of femininity, her personal story of growth, and healthy female habits a woman must develop that enhances her beauty and confidence. Farah generously shared her experiences and values and even offered advice on how to stop dating bad guys and how to be in your feminine energy with a man you're dating. Her story inspires us to adopt authenticity, set boundaries in our relationships, and focus on self-care. 

As I bid farewell, let's carry forward Farah's insights, remembering to trust our intuition, honor our values, and continue our journey of building healthy female habits, growth, and empowerment.

Remember, embracing one's unique qualities and setting clear boundaries is crucial in femininity and relationships. 

I hope you have learned a lot from this talk, and I will continue bringing more influencers to the table to help you get valuable insights and learn from their experiences.

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