How to Make Him Commit without Pressure? 9 Strategies to Consider

There is a difference between dating as a pretty woman and dating as a girl next door. Those two groups have access to different kind of men.

If you are like the women I coach, you are pretty, have no problem getting nice dates and gifts from high-profile men but only getting commitment is hard. 

A woman who hasn't leveled up physically will struggle with getting dates even with average guys. She won't have gifts for no reason and will be in 50/50 relationships. Luckily, any woman is capable of being hot if she commits to the gym a few times a week, learns how to dress for her unique body and experiment with different haircut.

Many coaches out there can help a plain girl get commitment with an average guy but only a few can help you get commitment with a handsome executive who will be faithful, cherish you and provide at 100%.

If you belong to the pretty girl group, keep on reading because in this article, I won't gatekeep. I'm sharing the strategy I have used with my clients that got them a ring with multi-millionaires.

Are you seeing a guy in the top 1% and you really like him? You have an amazing connection, the sex is amazing, he worships your body but he doesn't want to commit.

You feel anxious and don't know why the same story keeps on repeating itself. You go through a roller coaster of emotions when you see him still being active on Bumble. You see him like pictures of women from 2015 but he barely likes yours. Sometimes you feel like there is hope and sometimes you can see the truth through his inconsistency, he doesn't love you. 

Don’t worry. I am here to assist you and let you know the secrets of the magnetic woman so that you can start having commitment with high profile men.

Getting at least a verbal commitment from the guy you like is important. That's how you will know he is in love (if on top of it, he stopped entertaining other women and provides at 100%).

If you like him, have casual sex with him but he hasn't committed to you, he considers himself single. If he considers himself single he will still be active on Bumble and he will still slide in women's DMs.

A man can commit to you if you look good on paper without being in love (you are pretty, not crazy and his family likes you). If he is religious or in politics, he actually needs you for his image. He needs a wife to be taken seriously by his peers.

That's why you see many married men cheat. They aren't in love but need a wife for their image and to start a family.

If you look good on paper that's a great place to start but if you care about monogamy this is not enough. For him to be deeply committed, you need to magnetize him. He needs to value the relationship. He needs to fear losing you.

Sadly most women don't know how to magnetize a man so that's why I host FREE femininity webinars a few times a year alongside challenges to help you be more than the pretty woman who gets gifts and nice dates but never deep commitment with high-profile men.

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Now, Learn and Follow 9 Exact Strategies to Work On to Make Him Commit Without Pressure!

Commitment Strategies

I have been studying and researching for years and years to try to understand men better. What I share here is based on science but also my years of experience. I used to work with men so they have no secrets for me.

The first lesson is: when you're dating, it's important to show up securely attached.  Most women are ok with the men they don’t like too much, but when they like the guy a lot, they overthink, start to fear seeing him disappear. The masculine picks it up subconsciously and ends up losing interest.

We have many ways to communicate: verbal communication and non-verbal communication. You can scream “I’m the prize” as you scroll through femininity posts on social media but it doesn’t mean your non-verbal communication says the same thing. People believe half of what we say but they believe 100% of our non-verbal.

What makes you attractive is when your non verbal communication and your verbal communication becomes the one of a secure woman. To do so, you need to get rid of your anxious attachment. 

There are 9 things to look out for and the most important ones are:

  1.  Make yourself attractive to masculine men.
  2. There's non-verbal communication.
  3. And lastly, it is becoming a drug to his brain.

Now, the first thing I want you to understand is that the words "becoming a drug to his brain" may sound toxic but it isn’t about having a toxic dynamic where he’s possessive and controlling.

When you embrace the principles of the magnetic woman, you are so secure with him that he can only fall for you. You can do many things to encourage him to commit without stress or pressure. One important thing is to stop trying to force commitment. He will commit on his own if you play your cards right and show up with a blueprint.

Studies show that men need 9-12 weeks to fall in love. They have an epiphany around week 9 and you can put yourself on the side of the angels by attending my FREE webinar

He rationalises it by saying “the hot box is checked, the compatibility box is checked, I’ll commit. It’s just obvious to me”.

Consciously we all want the best man, an amazing job etc but deep down we aren’t as secure as we think to actually attract and keep those things. That’s why we all need to consciously work on our self-esteem.

So, what are the principles of magnetic women? Well, the first one is attraction.

1. Work on Your Attractiveness to Get Him to Commit 

Commitment Guide

Attraction is not all about physical appearance; it includes our character. Attraction is about making yourself attractive to the kind of men you want to attract. If you want to attract your man you must groom yourself first but also let your personality shine. Wear things that fit and suit your body. Give your body a perfect shape, and apply some nude makeup during the day. The full glam up is more suitable at night since you don't have day light. You need to do the most at night else your grooming won't be much visible.

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Attracting better men comes from how well you groom yourself and take care of your body. Body confidence is so attractive to men. So, if you want to increase the pool of masculine men you can access rapidly, here's a simple hack I use with my clients: make sure you start turning more heads when you leave the house.

How to make getting approached more often easier

Knowing you can attract and magnetize great men will help you be more secure when dating high-profile men. What makes you feel anxious when dating a guy you really like, is that you think getting someone like him is rare and long. To feel more secure he needs to think that it's women like you that are rare; not the other way around.  Thinking it isn’t enough, you need to develop the charisma and personality traits of that woman. Shouting mantras isn't enough.

The women who come to me for coaching are already gorgeous but there are a few things to optimize when it comes to their style. When I'm working with them, I do their color analysis and there is a reason for that. Have you noticed how when someone wears a color that suits them really well, you can’t help complimenting them? Great men see you but don’t always say anything. You need to make it easy for them to engage with you.  

You might look great under your clothes but if men don't see you looking your best, they won't initiate. When you hire a femininity coach, make sure she helps you wear clothes that enhance your unique body. 

Many women think “the modern man doesn’t initiate. If I do nothing, nothing will happen”. The thing is, approaching a guy makes you be in your masculine energy. He is not attracted when you are in your masculine energy when dating him. Both energies are important and we all have the two of them. However, when dating it needs to be clear that he is the man and you are the feminine.

Check out this video to get approached by better men this year.

If you don’t allow him to express his masculine energy, he won’t feel stimulated enough. He will start chasing other women.


2. Be Challenging for Him

Challenge Accepted

Men love a challenge, this is why you see them never miss a game from their favourite football team. Dating is no different for them. A woman who is a challenge is a woman who knows she’s wifey material and has nothing to worry about.

Most women don’t know how to behave like a challenge. When they hear “be hard to get”, they think it means “don’t give your number to all men” "don't sleep around". 

Being hard to get means not falling in love prematurely. It is easy to be detached with the bus driver hitting on you. But how many women are actually hard to get with NBA athletes who offer to fly them. How many of them do you see leave that NBA athlete when he cheats? 

Being a challenge is about self-esteem but also about soft skills. Brian Tracy said it first: all skills are learnable.You become this woman by using psychology and the art of influence. You don’t become the woman they can’t stop thinking about by blowing their phone all day to ask if they have eaten.

Instead of putting so much energy into nurturing him, let him nurture you.

Men always crave excitement and romance, they want to chase and impress gorgeous women. They get bored and chase other women if you don’t allow them to express their masculinity when they are with you.

You should set high standards for yourself to challenge a man and get him committed. Maintain your femininity and individuality and express your thoughts and expectations without being afraid to see him disappear. This impression creates a sense of joy and excitement, which compels him to be obsessed with you and commit to a relationship. 

You absolutely need to seduce him by remaining in your feminine energy. So many women think having a date, hearing him say you're pretty, and having him pay for everything means he's now in love and the deal is sealed.

You want to become the kind of woman masculine men fall for. 

When you are secure and know what to do week after week to make him fall in love, the guy is going nowhere; he's just magnetised. When he’s out with his buddies he thinks “None of those girls is as great as my girl.”

That woman has a blueprint and makes sure she’s perceived as a securely attached woman when dating. This goes beyond having great looks. It’s inner work, soft skills and effective dating strategies. 

By acting like a challenge, he is continuously excited about you, and best of all, he pushes himself to keep impressing you. Acting like a challenge is also a way for you to make sure he is the right person for you.

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3. Make Sure He is the Right One

Right Partner

Last but not least! When I discuss commitment I don’t mean that you accept anything less than you deserve. Many men in the past have asked you to commit but how many of them were madly in love with you?

How many of them treated you like a queen, committed, stopped entertaining other women, and gave you everything they had?

Choose that type of commitment where you feel cherished, and loved. 

You see, a man can commit to you because having consistent sex and companionship outside of a relationship is hard for him. He needs to go to bars often, think about what to say, take the risk of being rejected, swallow the rejection, etc. It takes a toll on his confidence. 

Successful men know that when they have a partner their performance gets higher. Working becomes the only thing that stimulates them since when they are in love they don't take the risk of losing you by entertaining other women.

4.Make him feel needed

Essential Support

I know you are an independent woman and you have a career you are proud of. The thing with this is that you may approach dating the way a man does. You think it’s your job title that makes you attractive when really you could be a waitress, if you are hot, great men will hit on you. Men aren’t looking for a business partner.

Another thing I noticed is that many women think to be wifey material, they need to show the guy how well they can cook and clean for him. So you see them make their lunch box even when the guy never committed to them. 

I saw a video of a coach talking about how to go from casual hook up to committed and she was saying how taking the trash out after ordering ubereats would make him see that you are wifey material. Listen, doing this is just about being tidy and educated.

If you want him to be in love he needs to feel needed. No one wants to look weak and vulnerable but if it’s intentional, it’s not weakness anymore, it’s strength.

Always be ready to appreciate what he does for you. Ask him to do things for you and watch if he does it with love. If Rihanna asked him to tie his shoelace he would gladly do it, not think she’s a baby. Be like Rihanna.

5. Be Open to Learning New Things

Open Learning

Another component of feminine energy is constant learning. Learning is a constant process, especially in dating or relationships. Keep trying new things, this will enrich your personal life. Many women fake being interested in what their crush likes and they think that’s attractive.

As you try new things, you will have that playful aura. This will make you attractive.

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6. Give Priority to Each Other’s Independence and Space

Independent Space

When I was working with men, many complained about their partner and mentioned suffocating. Men need to feel free so let them be. When you struggle with anxious attachment you are afraid to see the guy disappear so you need constant reassurance. Reassurance for you might look like getting daily texts. Secure women are more interested in the quality of the interaction than the frequency. They don’t value text notifications much. They value quality dates, flowers, commitment and gifts. 

As you shift your focus towards those things, he will start feeling free in your presence. When a man feels free with you, he commits.

Give him plenty of space so he can cherish his personal life. Let him know that you appreciate the effort he puts in making your dates wonderful. 

When you like him you want to see him all the time but remember that part of being a diamond is being scarce.

7. Be Clear On What You Want in A Commitment.

Clear Commitment

Many women are afraid to be called high maintenance if they communicate their standards. But if you treat yourself like a queen and go out of your way to make others feel important, you are allowed to expect the same thing when dating.

Most people have their standards on the floor because the bottom line for them is just having someone. 

Feminine women know that there is no shortage of love in the world. They date because they love love. They are loving themselves.

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8. Be Mysterious: Let Him be Inquisitive About You

Mysterious Woman

He doesn’t have to know everything about your life so refrain from calling him multiple times a day. A relationship doesn’t mean talking all day. Have a life outside of him.

You can change the way you speak to be more mysterious. You can start by saying things like “I should not tell you this”, “I might tell you one day”, “I will have to kill you if I tell you”.

Are you considering a femininity coach to help you get commitment without pressure? Here are the things to consider to get a great return on investment:

When a client contacts me, I prefer to ask them what challenges they face. I ask them what they have tried so far and see how we can optimise things.  Seeing results doesn’t take too long because the women who come to me aren’t completely new to dating high status men. 

I like group coaching because they can learn from other women. When you know that others face challenges and overcome them, you feel empowered. That’s how you start making fewer pick-me mistakes and can show up secure when dating men you really like.

It’s by acting more and more secure that you start to get commitment from a place of ease.

In conclusion:

There will be road bumps when you're trying to do something big. As a feminine woman, you will challenge him, but he will also challenge you (in his own way). 

Remember that dating is a game. We all want the best partner.

I know hearing that "dating is a game" makes you think this is about playing immature games. It isn't! It's about seducing the other person by showing up as our best self. Your best self is a challenge. Your best self can pick up fast when she is acting like a pickme and adjust.

Your best self has the secret sauce of feminine women and high self-esteem.

I tried to give you simple, tangible examples so that you can bring this into your love life as soon as this week. But if you have no problem getting nice dates and Tinder matches but struggle getting commitment with handsome executives, register here to be in my waitlist and get exclusive invitations. 

It's free. It's brilliant. It's straight to the point.

Share in the comment section one good thing that happened when you dated a high profile man so that other women can raise their standards.

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